The Top 5 iSoftStone Nuxeo Customizations

A new chapter in DAM for Nuxeo

Nuxeo first came on the scene in 2000, but around 2005, the company made a pivot toward Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and later, Digital Asset Management (DAM). These would prove to be successful moves, as Nuxeo architecture and platforms would grow the organization into the leader that it is today.

Many smart decisions along the way led to Nuxeo’s success, like making the platform work with multiple databases and operating systems. Nuxeo kept the software platform open source and made their documentation, issue tracking, testing, and benchmarks publicly available to maintain transparency. The company was also an early adopter of incorporating Elasticsearch, NoSQL databases, and cloud services for scalability of the architecture. Today, the Nuxeo Platform provides a rich and flexible set of options to configure, customize, and deploy content-centric applications for a wide range of use cases and business needs.


So, why the need for customization?

Every organization has its own needs and objectives regarding systems and processes. Many times, a customizable platform works better than an out-of-the-box solution because it can adapt to various enterprise use cases. Certain software will also incorporate nicely into your Nuxeo Platform solution, while others may not. Ultimately companies like to explore options so they can gauge which platforms or solutions will improve performance and generate ROI.

Having this in mind, we’d like to share the Top 5 Nuxeo Platform customizations we have implemented for our clients.


1. Custom portals

With a flexible suite of APIs, there are numerous ways that custom integrations and custom interfaces can extend the power of the Nuxeo Platform. Downstream business stakeholders often need a quick and simple way to access final assets. Building a custom interface for users to consume assets, developed in a company’s web application framework of choice, is one popular way to solve this problem. The advantages of creating a custom user interface for Nuxeo include future-proofing the interface, increasing flexibility, improving customer service, and accelerating adoption. To learn more about custom portals, read how iSoftStone is building custom user interfaces for Nuxeo.


2. Transcoding service extension

Nuxeo provides binary transcoding right out of the box. Data is uploaded to Nuxeo worker nodes to generate renditions or conversions. However, with heavy transcoding loads, performance can take a big hit resulting in time delays and the inability to perform other tasks simultaneously.

An iSoftStone extension creates a robust process to offload the effects of heavy workloads caused by transcoding files into different sizes and formats. Nuxeo generates messages about the work, which are queued for the transcoding solution to process outside of Nuxeo and then notify Nuxeo when the transcoding is complete.

Offloading this heavy processing to the transcoding solution eliminates bottlenecks and performance issues caused by transcoding while effectively managing costs and freeing up Nuxeo resources to perform other work. Our solution also provides the ability to introduce transcoding tools for processing file formats not natively supported by Nuxeo to ensure all assets are appropriately transcoded and the solution meets the client’s requirements.


3. S3 bulk importer

Nuxeo provides multiple ways to ingest content; however, custom development is required to bulk import assets from S3. With easy setup between Nuxeo and AWS S3, iSoftStone’s S3 Bulk Importer can ingest large numbers of videos, pictures, and other files without the need to manually transfer files. Simply download the importer software and immediately start importing your files from S3.

Clear tracking records are generated, even with large batches, and complete reports are provided at the end of each import process. Furthermore, with intelligent compression, there will be no loss in image or graphic quality. Best of all, iSoftStone provides the S3 bulk importer add-on for free.


4. Custom tags with bulk editor

With the Nuxeo Web UI, tagging comes out of the box but only at the individual asset level, without the ability to edit in bulk. iSoftStone can create a custom tags field so DAM managers can assign whatever tags they need to their enterprise assets in a simple and easy experience. iSoftStone’s customization adds the ability to tag on ingest, to display tags in list view, and to append, replace, or remove tags in a user-friendly bulk editor.

Aside from using tags to manage assets, we also use tags to easily find assets. iSoftStone added suggestive search, hyperlinked results, and the ability to update tags on published assets. Additionally, custom tags can be exposed in any Custom UI as hyperlinks so that any asset using that tag can be easily found.


5. SharePoint integration

Get the best of both worlds with SharePoint integration. On their own, Microsoft systems are not great for the management of visual documents. However, with iSoftStone SharePoint integration, you can use SharePoint to manage documents and DAM to manage visual content.

SharePoint integration is accomplished in four simple steps. The first is adding assets into the SharePoint folder. Batch job execution can then be scheduled as resources permit and without any end user interaction.

After batch job execution, assets are synchronized from SharePoint to Nuxeo, then lastly, sync results are audited to ensure success. Documents are synchronized up with Microsoft Office so teams can have a single place to view digital media, while DAM is readily available for quick searches and asset location capabilities.


Why partner with iSoftStone for Nuxeo architecture?

iSoftStone has been an approved strategic partner and reseller of the Nuxeo platform for over 5 years, and has established in-depth knowledge and proven technical solutions on Nuxeo ECM, MarTech CMS, DAM, and AWS Cloud Computing. We leverage our experience with Nuxeo, Adobe, Tenovos, AWS Cloud Services, and more to provide you with best-in-class technology solutions and services that streamline your content to targeted markets and bolster your ROI.

For more information about how we work with the Nuxeo platform, contact an iSoftStone Nuxeo SME.

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