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Testing services that keep your IT business systems always-on

Our testing services are tailored to meet your real-world business needs.

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Testing services

iSoftStone testing services provide you with peace-of-mind.

Our testing expertise brings quality to your continuous delivery pipelines.

Replace manual testing with automated tests and spend more time on innovation.

Represents multiple or cross-device hardware.

Application testing

Evaluate your system functionality, user interfaces, business process flows, user access rights, deployments, compatibility, security, and more.

Web platform testing

Validate your web application functionality, links, forms, data verifications, cookies, connection speed, user interfaces, and browser compatibility.

API testing

Verify the data exchange, transfer, management, security and mutual dependencies among systems.

Cellphone testing

Get cellphone equipment, field, and certification tests to ensure cellphones comply with the necessary protocols and regulations.

Indicates implementation of sustainable solutions.

Test automation

Convert your business process or manual test scripts into automated tests that save you time and money. For mobile applications, leverage Ytest, our custom test automation platform based on the Appium framework.

Performance testing

Discover how your systems perform under normal, peak, and abnormal load conditions using automated testing tools.

Why our testing stands out.


We partner with you to understand what makes your business unique and we test your IT systems based on how your business uses them.


Our testing expertise spans many platforms, technologies, and tools. We help to bring quality to your continuous delivery pipelines.​


We know that automation is essential to driving efficiency and continuous improvement. Our SMEs will support your team with strong automation experience.

Excellent work and a successful launch.

“Excellent supplier for dual-shore testing services. iSoftStone is very knowledgeable about testing disciplines and test automation procedures. Their ability to work well with other teams really contributed to a great experience.”

Sr. Director, Engineering | Fortune 100 Company

iSoftStone’s custom test platforms.

We developed our own test automation platforms to run mobile testing for our cellphone manufacturing customers.

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Ytest – mobile test automation platform

  • ROM stability, performance, and app tests
  • Create and maintain test plans
  • Execute test plans and view test reports
  • Remote debugging and testing
Person programming code.

TE – equipment management platform

  • Real-time mobile testing equipment tracking system
  • Help project planning for mobile testing equipment requests
  • Easy for testers to find and loan test units
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Partner with us to assess your software.

Learn more about how our testing services can help you improve quality, reliability, performance, and security.

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