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AI Data Services

We provide human annotation and data collection services to the world’s largest technology companies.

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Our global diversified community

Effortlessly collect and annotate your data.

We combine human understanding with inventive technology to address the pain points of data annotation and collection.

With our artificial intelligence (AI) data training platform you’ll get instant access to a dedicated pool of 500,000+ resources with specialized skillsets across 200+ markets.

Our diverse community includes thousands of annotators, computation linguists, medical translators, and subject matter experts — with more talent joining us every day.

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Our AI data solutions.

With 10+ years of deep knowledge and experience in supporting large-scale, global companies, we’re built to service your AI data needs.

Online training or instructional design.

AI data training platform

Access our AI data training platform, a fully customizable multi-language tool that supports all data types.

Illustrates sound or communication.

Speech recognition

Get full speech support that includes voice data collection, transcription and segmentation, ambient noise collections and filtering, virtual assistant tuning and comparative studies, and text-to-speech (TTS) services.

Represents innovative technologies like virtual or augmented reality.

Augmented and virtual reality

Use our AR/VR tools for facial, body, and movement recognition, spatial, environmental, and room scans, device testing, and speech and video analysis.

Refers to people, events, or materials that are certified or recognized.

Validation and relevance

Improve search and ads relevance, content creation, hate speech monitoring, moderation and sentiment analysis, data verification, and mapping accuracy.

Indicates application or web development.

Computer vision annotation

Get the right support with image and video labeling, boundary box and categorization, facial recognition data collection, and human gesture annotation.

Illustrates messaging or communication at a global scale.

Linguistic services

Enhance AI with computational linguistics, semantic annotation, and natural foreign language corpora.

Our AI data training platform

A fully customizable multi-language AI platform that supports all data types.

Manage everything from collection of speech data to setting up simulated environments and improving the experience users have with AR/VR technology.

We work with all types of data and delivery models.

  • In-person speech collection
  • Remote speech collection
  • Crowdsourced data labeling
  • Search and ads relevance (managed service)

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45% of enterprise leaders say AI has given them a significant lead over the competition.

Customer stories

How your peers use our services.

For over a decade, we’ve helped global companies power growth with AI data services technology.

Speech collection on a global scale

One client used our platform to collect speech data from 5,000+ children aged 7 to 12 in eight countries and across four continents. And all in less than three months. We designed specific protocols to help with the collection, including full parental sign-off and hiring moderators who were qualified to work with young children.

Crowdsourced data labeling that supports a leading search engine

For over a decade we have supported one of the world’s largest search engines with data labeling services through our global crowdsourcing capabilities. Annually, our crowd works over 1 million hours and completes 74+ million judgments.

Speed and accuracy in multiple languages

Our client needed to transcribe and categorize massive amounts of audio data across 10 languages for a voice activation interface. Our team achieved 98% KPI accuracy for annotation, grammar, syntax, and paralinguistic use — all ramped to full production in 10 business days.

Expert computational linguists for a virtual voice assistant

Our client was launching and improving its virtual voice assistant in several key markets. Global linguistic expert recruitment and training helped them localize en-US sources in target languages, review and localize outputs, and solve grammatical geopolitical issues.

How will our AI data services support you?

The possibilities are endless. Find out what we can do for you.

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AI data crowdsourcing services

High-quality data labeling.

We cultivate a high-quality private talent pool of careful vetted and trained resources.

Whether you have large-scale data collections or a highly-specialized data request, we have both the AI and human resources to address your needs.

AI data services quality assurance

Protect your models against bad data.

Create trustworthy services, products, and delivery.

Our approach to quality assurance places a clear focus on error avoidance, early error detection and correction, and continuous improvement throughout the project life cycle.

This feedback loop allows us to identify why there are flaws, where there are flaws, and correct them before they impact you or your customers.

Online Video Conference with data display in background.

Prioritize high-quality datasets and develop more effective machine learning models.

Our AI data training platform helps you automate and speed up your data labeling and diagnostic tasks. Capable of handling millions of datasets, it lets you collect, manage, and label your data at scale.

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Our experience improving virtual voice assistants, search engines, and AR/VR.


Images and videos annotated annually for computer vision annotation services


Transcripts completed annually across 50+ languages


Audio hours annotated annually for speech and natural language processing (NLP) engagements

Speech recognition

Get full speech recognition and support.

A full suite of speech recognition capabilities at your fingertips.

Voice data collection

Transcription and segmentation

Ambient noise collections and filtering

Represents support services.

Virtual assistant tuning

Illustrates fairness or balance.

Comparative studies

Text-to-speech (TTS) services

Person working on laptop next to a colleague.

Validation and relevance

Evaluate and enhance search and ads relevance with managed AI data services.

10 years. 40+ markets. 500,000+ tasks completed and counting.

We’ve supported search and ads relevance evaluation on our managed service model for more than a decade.

Our network of carefully selected and qualified resources totals in the thousands and covers more than 40 markets daily. During peak months that can mean contributions of more than 50,000 working hours and 500,000 tasks.

Validation and relevance

Improve your targeting with AI data services.

We help you get the right ads in front of the right people.

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Represents search

Search and ads relevance

Illustrates creating content, documentation, or other materials in a timely way.

Expert content creation

Represents speech or ideas that are hateful or unkind.

Hate speech monitoring

Representative of voting or choosing between options.

Moderation and sentiment analysis

Demonstrates work meeting certification or compliance requirements.

Data verification

Mapping accuracy

Computer vision annotation

Bring AI and humans together.

With thousands of annotators working in our secure facilities, we engage humans and AI systems to improve your products and solutions.

Visual data annotation and labeling

Augment, annotate, and label facial or human gesture data for machine learning — exceed your accuracy KPIs while moving fast and securely.

Facial recognition data collection

Create innovative biometric solutions by collecting, annotating, labeling, and applying your facial recognition data.

Boundary box and categorization

Gain in-depth recognition of visual data using boundary boxes, and tag and classify your data to ensure accuracy and application quality.

Group of people with Virtual reality headsets meeting together.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Get the right tools for your needs.

Use our AR/VR tools for facial, body, and movement recognition; spatial, environmental, and room scans; device testing, and speech and video analysis.

  • Bridge worlds with augmented and virtual reality.
  • Analyze facial and body movements with AR/VR technology.
  • Conduct room scans and map spaces and environments.
  • Test your devices before pushing to production.
  • Collect — and use — speech and video data.

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Sourcing strategy

Communicate directly with local teams, no matter where you work.

We make the experience easy for everyone. Share your specific requirements and we’ll recruit and engage the experts you need.

  • Proactive sourcing
  • Direct communication
  • Offline and online channels
  • Community partnerships
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Elevate your digital experiences with AI data services.

We help you get ahead of the competition with data that’s more accurate, more robust, and more aligned to your needs.

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