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Digital experience is the backbone of digital business

iSoftStone delivers great experiences with the power to inspire and engage users, create brand loyalty, and increase revenue.

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Customers and marketers agree – experience is critical.

88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.

Salesforce Research – State of the Connected Customer, 5th Ed.

80% of marketers agree that experience is the key competitive differentiator.

Salesforce Research – State of Marketing, 8th Ed.

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Seamless digital journeys

Ensure a consistent experience for users at each point in their digital journey.

Ideate, create, and deliver compelling digital experiences. Inspire your customers, partners, and employees across public websites, mobile apps, social platforms, private portals, and other digital channels.

Engaging experiences drive revenue.

Create compelling journeys for all your customers.

Improve your user experience with A/B testing

Test and iterate to find the most engaging experiences.

A/B testing empowers organizations to identify and systematically understand what engages your audiences and drives user behavior.

Improve content creation

Learn what content resonates most with your audiences.

Increase user engagement

Discover what affects user behavior and what has no impact.

Reduce bounce rates

Identify what keeps users from leaving your site or app.

Increase conversion rates

Find out what content converts users into customers.

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Customer stories

A/B testing for global technology company using Adobe Target.

We partnered with a global software and cloud computing company to introduce A/B testing using Adobe Target and the client’s existing technology stack.

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Empower digital business

Connect your content and customer data to create personalized experiences for e-commerce.

Demonstrates work meeting certification or compliance requirements.

Content management

Author and publish approved content to any digital channel.

Customer data & analytics

Form insights about your customers by leveraging customer data and analytics.

Personalization & recommendation

Provide highly personalized experiences and recommendations.


Drive more digital business by recommending the products your customers want.

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Customer stories

Adobe Experience Cloud migration: Web development and A/B testing.

iSoftStone’s experts helped the Microsoft 365 team migrate to Adobe Experience Cloud. Find out how we helped deliver tailored functionality, speedier modifications, and first-class customer experiences.

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Inclusive design creates better experiences.

The root of inclusive design recognizes that when user experiences work for people across the disability spectrum, they work better for everyone.

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Explore the latest insights

With a focus on digital experience, our practice leaders share regular updates and insights about the digital experiences of Fortune 500 companies.

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Our partners in innovation.

Innovation takes collaboration. We’re proud to work with some of the world’s best technology companies that provide software for building websites and e-commerce solutions.

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Compelling experiences set you apart from the competition.

Learn how to delight your users with superior experiences across your digital channels.

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