iSoftStone uses Adobe Target to conduct A/B testing for global technology company


iSoftStone partnered with a global software and cloud computing company to introduce A/B testing using Adobe Target and the client’s existing technology stack. This is one part of the client’s longer-term switch to Adobe Experience Cloud.


The problem

  • A global software and cloud computing company was running their corporate website on their own proprietary, module-based content management system (CMS) but did not have the right data to make the most well-informed decisions about the best ways to present their Software as a Service (SaaS) product offerings.
  • They were gradually switching to the Adobe Experience Cloud technology stack and wanted to try using Adobe Target with their existing CMS even in advance of switching to Adobe Experience Manager.


The solution

  • iSoftStone designed alternate options, across multiple different pages, for presenting the product offerings and calls to action.
  • This was an ongoing, iterative process, and included mocking-up new modules and page layouts
  • iSoftStone integrated Adobe Target into the site in order to display the alternate design options through both A/B testing and multivariate testing.
  • iSoftStone developers created the markup, styling, and scripts for the new options and load it into Adobe Target.
  • The client’s site managers were able to track metrics through a dashboard to determine the success of new designs and design variations.

Core technologies/deliverables.

  • Adobe Target
  • New modules and page layouts in the client’s proprietary, in-house CMS
  • Design mockups
  • Comparative data, presented in a dashboard format for site managers

Key impacts.

The client was able to move to a rigorous approach, based in quantifiable data, for creating and adjusting product pages to drive customer action.

Successful delivery based or content or asset management.

The client began realizing benefits in weeks, not months.

Indicator of successful QA, Test, or Assessment projects or activities.

Site managers felt more confident in making the case for module and layout changes.

Demonstrates thought leadership and providing consultation or insight.

This served as one step along the client’s longer-term journey to switch to the Adobe Experience Cloud technology stack, in line with iSoftStone’s Solution Enablement Toolkit approach.

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