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In our many years of providing staff augmentation services, iSoftStone has helped deliver impact after impact and collected some great success stories along the way. After all, we’ve successfully placed resources with four of the five Big Technology companies. And we’ve partnered with clients from retail, aerospace, and fintech to insurance, telecoms, energy, and more. 

For us, staff augmentation isn’t simply about getting a warm body into an open role. We work with a client’s custom budget and requirements to craft a solution that’s unique to their needs. Powered by 20 global delivery centers and 90,000 employees, we’re time sensitive and we move fast. We carefully co-vet candidates for skill set and fit so our clients get talent that’s truly right for them.  

We asked iSoftStone’s staff augmentation leaders if we could share some of their memorable moments and anecdotes from this rich history of success. Here are their five favorites.


Story 1: Rapid team upscaling 

A 100-person RFP? No problem. When one of our clients had open positions across multiple technology teams, we were there and ready to help. In short order, our staff augmentation team provided hundreds of quality resumes from different geographies and helped our client find perfect matches for the roles.  


Story 2: Generative AI expertise 

A global technology company wanted to respond aggressively to the generative AI boom and didn’t have enough experts in-house. We sourced and provided skilled engineers who knew how to work at the cutting-edge of AI. The talent we placed helped the company create multiple AI proofs of concept and many of the resources are still there on contract, helping build the technology of tomorrow.  


Story 3: Trusted long-term partnership 

Sometimes all you need is a quick one-off fix, sometimes you want a vendor you can return to again and again. iSoftStone has satisfied clients from both ends of the spectrum. Organizations often say they find value in our expertise, competitive pricing, flexibility, and commitment to quality. Several relationships — including those with a global technology company and a multinational telecoms company — have stretched to more than 10 years.  


Story 4: Global hero and third-party support 

Support for resource relocations is just another benefit of hiring a staff augmentation vendor with a global footprint. A popular youth retail brand approached iSoftStone when their valued commerce cloud engineer was returning to Asia. We stepped in as a third party to employ the resource. The company continued to benefit from their skills and knowledge, and the employee remained with the company they loved.  


Story 5: Senior staff augmentation 

The unicorn of staff augmentation: a senior subject matter expert who truly partners with you and helps you achieve your goals. One of our clients was struggling to justify budgeting for a complex supply chain analytics project. iSoftStone provided the right candidate — a chief data scientist and supply chain expert — to perform discovery work and build a proposal for the project. The result? The team had all the insights it needed to make the decision.   


Your business is unique, and you deserve a unique partner 

Our team is justly proud of their service ethos and track record. Whatever your staff augmentation needs, we’d love to support you. Whether you’re looking for the best onshore talent, excellent offshore/nearshore resources, or a combination of the two, we’ll help you find exactly who you need to complement your teams and contribute to your success.  


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