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Accessibility 5-page full assessment solution

Receive a full assessment at a fixed cost that provides meaningful and actionable results to help you become more accessibly compliant.

Full assessment at a fixed cost and set schedule.

iSoftStone will provide a full assessment of up to 5 pages on your site. This is not an audit or a fast pass. This is a full assessment that includes both automated and manual testing to find and log accessibility bugs. This full assessment includes the following:

  • Full assessment of up to 5 pages on your existing site
  • Multi-device assessment for both desktop and mobile
  • Cross-browser assessment for Edge, Chrome, and Safari
  • Comprehensive assessment report (delivered in an agreed upon format) containing identified accessibility bugs and remediation guidance for fixing issues
  • One hour follow-up meeting with our Accessibility SMEs after assessment is complete and bug report is delivered to review findings and answer questions
  • Fixed cost of $10,000 USD
  • Approximately 2 weeks to perform assessment and deliver bug report

Complete the simple form below to get started and take advantage of this offer. Once completed, someone from our Accessibility team will reach out to schedule a call to schedule your full assessment.


Man wearing dark glasses holding a blind guide cane while speaking on his mobile device.

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