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Automated and manual accessibility compliance testing

Scenario-based test cases that combine automated and manual testing are the best way to represent the perspective of users with disabilities.

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Testing for user experience

We find 50% more accessibility bugs than other suppliers.

Our compliance testing starts at the user experience level, rather than the code level. This ensures we identify more of the bugs and issues that create barriers for your users.

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Our experience produces tangible results.



full assessments performed across websites and applications.


bugs identified and reported with remediation guidance.


more bugs identified with our assessment methodology.

Meeting your needs

Compliance testing that meets your real-world demands.

Accessibility inclusion is part of everything we do at iSoftStone, and we actively look for ways to improve experiences for people with disabilities.

Represents disability and accessibility.

Employees with disabilities

We hire people with disabilities to ensure we capture the perspective of all users in your customer base and uncover high-impact issues that would otherwise degrade the experience you want to offer.

Indicator of successful QA, Test, or Assessment projects or activities.

Testing across technologies

Our testing represents diversity of technology and form factor and includes multi-browser, multi-platform, and multi-OS assessments. Our up-to-date device lab includes phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other commonly used devices.

Represents multiple or cross-device hardware.

Assistive technology

Our processes include testing across a variety of assistive technologies to ensure our accessibility testing captures the highest number of potential issues across commonly used technology.

New accessibility solution

Fixed-cost accessibility assessment offers actionable results at an affordable cost.

This service includes a full manual assessment of up to 5 URL pages, the same comprehensive bug reporting and remediation guidance that accompanies all our other assessment activity, and a follow-up session with our Accessibility SMEs to review the bug report and answer your questions.

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Quality of work

“The knowledge of iSoftStone’s accessibility team and their quality of work is a ‘fine dining’ experience compared to the ‘cafeteria’ experiences I’ve seen with other vendors.”

Principal Program Manager, Accessibility | Fortune 100 Company

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Preparing bugs for remediation

Prioritize finding and remediating accessibility bugs across your digital content.

Our bug reporting includes narrated videos demonstrating the issues discovered, and detailed remediation guidance that makes it easier for your engineering teams to repair issues.

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Building trust for your customers

You should have peace of mind knowing your content meets the high bar of quality you desire, and that your users expect.

At the end of an accessibility project, we can offer a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). This is an industry-recognized document explaining how digital content complies with industry standard accessibility compliance guidelines.

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Take the next step forward with accessibility compliance.

Ensure your digital content doesn’t create barriers that prevent your customers from accessing what you want them to see.

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