Custom User Interface for Nuxeo

Advantages of a Custom User Interface for Nuxeo

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The Nuxeo Web UI is intended for use by digital asset management (DAM) administrators, managers, and librarians. Out of the box, Nuxeo Web UI relies on the Polymer JavaScript framework that is designed for back-office DAM management.

However, in every enterprise, asset consumers are key front-end users. Marketing, merchandising, retail vendors, and downstream business stakeholders need a quick and simple way to access final assets.

Building a custom asset consumer user interface (UI), in a company’s web application framework of choice, is one popular way to solve this problem.

The advantages of creating a custom UI for Nuxeo include future-proofing the interface, increasing flexibility, improving customer service, and accelerating adoption.


Customizing and Future-proofing the User Interface

When companies buy Nuxeo, it hasn’t been configured, and few people have the expertise needed to put it together. Expertise is required to choose which aspects to build out among the feature sets that are available in Nuxeo’s APIs. The capabilities of each API need to be configured to enable front-end use.

iSoftStone can help companies handle front-end use cases by creating an interface that uses React or Vue JavaScript framework on top of Polymer. The platform can be futureproofed by plugging in a new interface if the current one becomes obsolete.


Increasing Flexibility

Building custom UIs increases the flexibility of Nuxeo Web UI. As a suite of APIs, Nuxeo can be used by any framework. Customizing UIs makes Nuxeo adaptable to a company’s culture.

iSoftStone can build reusable components in React that can be branded and styled to match the company’s brand identity. These reusable components allow companies to quickly expand UI capabilities and adapt to business changes.


Improving Customer Service

When companies use Nuxeo Web UI out of the box, the interface can be overwhelming and confusing because it tries to do so much for a wide variety of use cases. New users need Nuxeo training to really take advantage of the interface.

However, most users just want to find an asset and get on with their job. A custom interface can serve a user’s exact use case and streamline adoption. Custom interfaces tailor UI to the client and its customer-service needs.

A company may have a lot of assets, but it doesn’t need many DAM managers. A product manager might be launching a new product and just needs to add a few assets. A custom interface created for the purpose of easy ingestion fulfills the requirements of this type of use case.

iSoftStone also creates interfaces that are customer-facing. These custom interfaces are designed to look like a website so that they are ideal for vendors and sales teams to use. Because what appears on this type of interface is only for consumption, it speeds up and enhances customer service.


Accelerating Adoption

Getting users to work with new tools is a big hurdle for enterprises. Many users want Nuxeo Web UI to be more user friendly, with an attractive appearance and ease of use.

The custom UI adapts to the existing enterprise culture. By using features that resemble those included in other tools in the company, a custom UI accelerates adoption. The familiarity of its features reduces the friction users often experience when working with a new tool.


Seeing Results with a Custom UI for Nuxeo

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When companies customize their Nuxeo interface, they see a dramatic change in the way users interact. After expanding its managed services for Nuxeo engagement with iSoftStone to include customizing its Nuxeo interface, a major online retailer experienced a shift in engagement. With the custom interface, user adoption doubled.

iSoftStone sets itself apart from the competition by staffing our team with Nuxeo engineers who are experts in Nuxeo configuration and customization and have rare Polymer engineering expertise. iSoftStone is one of the few technology companies that provides this type of customization and integration. iSoftStone can even teach a company’s in-house engineers how to become experts in Nuxeo.

Talk to a subject matter expert today to learn how iSoftStone can help your company customize your Nuxeo user interface.

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