Luxury retailer RPA journey initiation

The challenge

For the past few years, our customer outsourced application managed services (AMS) for several supply chain systems.

Aligned with corporate objectives, the customer expects to reduce operational cost, grow and scale their business, and improve customer experience.

Specifically, and to initiate their journey, the customer desires to further reduce its outsourced AMS costs with RPA.


The solution

Partnering with our customer, we automated manual business processes to generate an expected annual reduction of about 2 full-time equivalent employees (FTE).

We operationalized the initial automations in about 3 months, which enabled our customer to realize initial benefits quickly. In an additional 6 months, we completed the remaining automations and improvements for the customer to actualize the full benefits.


Our process

To initiate the customer’s RPA journey, we focused on automating AMS for about 25 use cases pertaining to specific supply chain systems. The use cases covered master data management and IT services for these systems.

For example, we automated the creation and updates to product master data (key function for a retailer) for several brands, and various IT services such as user account management, application integration logs, and application support issues reporting.

We are hosting and maintaining the RPA solution in our own Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment, which further accelerated the RPA journey for the customer.

To enable the customer to grow and scale its RPA operations, and to leverage its investment in automation, we are advising the customer on the creation of an automation center of excellence (COE).

Key impacts.

Indicates some form of dollar or budget savings; can also indicate revenue growth.

Generated an expected annual cost reduction of $200,000

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