Why employee-facing AI chatbots are the next big thing

AI chatbots mean business value and serious ROI

AI chatbots hold exciting possibilities for any organization looking to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and improve their customer and employee experiences. A 2021 study by Forrester found that chatbots built on Microsoft Copilot Studio (formerly Power Virtual Agents) were driving business transformation with impressive results such as 261% ROI over three years, 50% less time to handle customer support requests, and 80% less effort to build and maintain bots compared to prior processes.

That was before the added power and flexibility of generative AI.

With Azure OpenAI and the introduction of Copilot, which streamlines solution development with natural language authoring, the ability to tap new use cases, the speed to launch, and the added business value is likely to be even greater. According to 87% of surveyed CIOs and IT professionals, AI and automation will help them make fuller use of the capabilities of low code or no code apps like Copilot Studio. This is serious momentum and the time when every business has some form of AI chatbot is likely just around the corner — if not already here.


Employee-facing AI chatbots bring endless possibilities with tangible results

The ability to use AI to define and build chatbots is worth celebrating. However, at iSoftStone, we believe the true magic of AI chatbots lies in moving beyond the basics and into building API connections, configuring intricate workflows, or plugging into Power Platform or UI Path for even more automation.

Our digital experience team, automation team, and Microsoft experts are actively engaging with clients on these kinds of cutting-edge AI chatbot projects, helping them to explore and scope solutions tailored to their needs. Although use cases for customer-facing AI chatbots have captured much of the public imagination (and publicity), we’re seeing more and more of our clients energized by the possibilities of employee-facing use cases.

Here are five of the employee-facing use cases sparking the most excitement:

  1. Service: Empower service agents to provide full, speedy answers with an AI chatbot that ties into a curated knowledge base, searches for customer records and auto-updates them, and even triggers a workflow to send paperwork.
  2. Inventory Management: Minimize training burdens and swivel-chair conversations. Allow ad hoc users of Product Information Management and Inventory Tracking systems to rapidly surface information through a natural conversation.
  3. IT Support: Streamline encounters and reduce IT team workloads with chatbots that create, route, and resolve Level-1 tickets while providing timely responses to business users.
  4. Content Generation: Connect to a private, enterprise AI instance and create drafts of communications and instructional materials with just the right tone and content, then automatically open the drafts in an employee’s email application.
  5. Personalization: Incorporate employee logins to enable tracking, notifications, and follow-ups from the encounter. Ensure your employees feel connected and seen at every touchpoint.


We’re here to help you explore

Imagine what your organization can do when an AI chatbot is seamlessly connected to valued enterprise applications, when it becomes the UI for managing processes and routine tasks, when a deep and carefully scoped knowledge base is at your team’s fingertips.

Today, with the right expertise and the right partner helping you build and scope, all this is possible. The opportunities for AI chatbots are vast. Tomorrow? The sky’s truly the limit.

We offer ideation sessions to help you define your vision and identify where to deploy AI chatbots for the greatest impact. In addition to iSoftStone’s extensive knowledge of Microsoft Copilot Studio and AI capabilities, we bring 15+ years of strategic partnership with Microsoft as a supplier, Gold Partner, and cloud solutions provider. Together we can build and deliver a proof of concept that brings your vision to life.


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