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What Your Company Gets From Managed Services for Nuxeo

Today, when companies consider using managed services, they are looking for end-to-end services rather than just support. For Nuxeo users, these end-to-end managed services are hard to find.

When companies that use Nuxeo lack the internal resources and specialized skills required, they need managed services for implementation, development, and testing of applications.

iSoftStone is the only managed service provider (MSP) for Nuxeo on the market. As a provider of managed services for Nuxeo, we offer global delivery capabilities, develop reusable technology and tools for Nuxeo projects, and use a proven methodology.


Global Delivery for Nuxeo

Often, companies that use Nuxeo are unable to scale because they can’t find the right resources. Some customers are at the beginning of their Nuxeo journey and don’t know where to go for help. Other companies feel the burden of expenses and need help reducing the time it takes to build their products.

iSoftStone provides Nuxeo managed services globally using an on-shore and off-shore model. With 20 global delivery centers in the U.S., Malaysia, India, China, Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Canada, our global scale enables us to leverage multiple engagement models. Client-facing resources can be provided on-site or remotely.

Our customers benefit from lower costs because we can deliver localized services all over the world. With so many global delivery centers, we can offer Nuxeo resources in the same time zone as our customers.

We are the only Nuxeo partner with a presence in China. Our large footprint in China helps us overcome the challenges of language, firewalls, and data privacy in the region.


Benefits of Nuxeo Experience

Our Nuxeo managed services customers benefit from our extensive experience. Some customers may have a problem we have already encountered and solved for another customer. We save Nuxeo users money because they can leverage solutions we have built for other companies.

Customers benefit from pre-built, reusable applications and service components for Nuxeo projects. We put our Nuxeo add-ons on the market and are always building more. For example, the iSoftStone S3 Bulk Importer is an add-on that provides companies with the ability to import large numbers of videos and pictures using an easy setup with their Nuxeo servers.

Not only does our experienced implementation team have the required Nuxeo know-how, but we can deliver a solution quickly.


Proven Managed Services Methodology

iSoftStone has created a managed services framework for Nuxeo that aims to solve a larger problem within digital transformation: integration. Companies adopt Nuxeo as a core engine that connects upstream and downstream processes. We help these companies accelerate adoption by integrating Nuxeo into their existing technology ecosystem.

iSoftStone has a deep understanding of Nuxeo that comes from being a reseller as well as a managed service provider. We understand that digital transformation requires a philosophical shift to the idea that data equals value and that analytics are the key to generating value from data. However, we have found that companies lose out on 67% of the profitability potential of data analytics.

Nuxeo’s strongest trait is that it is flexible and extensible thanks to its API-first architecture. The Nuxeo platform can be used for a Digital Asset Management (DAM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management System (DMS), or Product Asset Management (PAM) system. With advanced workflows and thoughtful integrations, iSoftStone helps companies transition from DAM to PAM so they can create, make, and sell products within Nuxeo.

Our industry standard practices ensure code extensibility, readability, and quality that is supported by a delivery model that keeps technical skills sharp, project schedules on track, and team members in sync.


Your Trusted and Experienced Nuxeo Partner

For companies looking to access Nuxeo expertise, iSoftStone can build solutions based on their needs and speed up adoption. We serve as an extension of your IT team, delivering Nuxeo expertise and end-to-end, global managed services.

We have been a trusted Nuxeo partner since 2018, providing implementation, development support, and consulting services. iSoftStone offers managed services for application development and testing to companies that are hosting Nuxeo on-prem, on the cloud, or through a hybrid approach.

We have a flexible managed service model with deliverable-based project delivery. Services can be provided at a fixed price or priced according to time and materials.

Talk to a subject matter expert today to learn more about iSoftStone’s managed services for Nuxeo.

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