Roadmap and disclosure tool​

The problem​

The C+E Marketing Team releases various Product and Service announcements throughout the year, and these announcements have different execution times based on product cycles. The messaging around these announcements was inconsistent due to the different number of teams involved and the various means of planning across product marketing. This led to high overhead, inconsistent quality in communicationinefficient execution, and was having an impact on the customer’s experience.​

The solution

iSoftStone built a web portal which became the single source of truth for all product and service announcements coming out of C+E Marketing. This portal facilitates and drives consistent and repeatable release/disclosure processes to support an increasingly rapid release world. It also provides a framework to facilitate marketing programming and release readiness for field and partner customers.

Key impacts.

Single source of truth across marketing team for customer-facing messaging.​

Demonstrates thought leadership and providing consultation or insight.

Drives marketing teams to focus on the right priority for the greatest impact across releases.​

Demonstrates work meeting certification or compliance requirements.

Established SLAs around uptime and performance ensuring the highest level of customer impact.​

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