Creating a data-driven culture for a growing omnichannel retailer

Our client embraced the power of data and Power BI

The heart of every successful business today? Data. Fact-based leadership and innovation are expected, and tools like Microsoft Power BI are wholeheartedly embraced. The key challenge for organizations is no longer how to promote the value of a data-driven culture, but how to handle its roll out.  

This is a challenge iSoftStone has supported firsthand. Our Microsoft experts worked alongside one of the fastest-growing omnichannel furniture retailers in the US throughout the company’s four-year transformation to a data-driven culture.  

From building our client’s first dashboards and reports to supporting its strategic, intentional drive to build out a true analytics function, we’re privileged to have been a trusted partner every step of the way.   


We supported the entire journey — from one report to Power BI for all

Back in 2019, our client established an analytics department headed by a new VP of business intelligence. “They really wanted to explore how better to view and process their data,” says Faizal Ismail, the iSoftStone Power BI architect who has been engaged with the client since the start of their transformation journey.  

The goal was to do more with the company’s data and uncover actionable, powerful insights. The first decision our client made was to move from an older data system with static reports and give the finance team flexibility to view and analyze data in the way they wanted, including the option to compare YOY figures.  

We helped our client implement Power BI and build the initial dashboard and reports that enabled finance and senior leaders to make strategic, data-driven decisions.  

That success made a business case for additional investment. Over the next few years iSoftStone’s experts developed and maintained key dashboards for supply chain, sales and performance, and store operations.  

Another early win came during the supply chain crisis of 2020 and 2021. Thanks to the work we’d done together, our client could monitor the situation with near real-time information on shipment and distribution dates. That enabled accurate updates to internal stakeholders and, in turn, customers. This not only gave our client a competitive edge, it also ensured customer trust was maintained — vital for a company that prides itself on the values of transparency and honesty. 


We built data models to empower the entire organization

With the key dashboards in place, the analytics department then wanted to democratize access to data and give super users the ability to create and customize their own reports.  

iSoftStone’s team built the behind-the-scenes data models to ensure they could do exactly that. First, we helped our client migrate data to its desired on-premises SQL server. Then we built five data models to support the following areas: 

  • Written sales  
  • Delivered sales 
  • Supply chain 
  • Extended warehouse management 
  • Human resources  

Now hundreds of reports are used every week across the entire company, reshaping how it works. Users — all the way from C-Suite to associate level — can build reports tailored to their specific needs and audiences, and they have access to clean, reliable data. 

Another game changer has been pairing Power BI with the company’s KPI tools. It closed the gap between insight and impact, even at store level. Store and field managers can monitor product sets and sales associate performance in near real-time and then step in early to provide individual feedback or the kinds of micro-adjustments that incrementally boost performance. KPI ownership truly belongs to the entire team.   


We delivered impacts today and supported plans for tomorrow

Today, data doesn’t only help our client track performance and growth. It’s also used to analyze customer behavior and deliver vital insights that feed sales and marketing strategies. Teams are more connected and the contribution to the company’s bottom line has earned plaudits from the CEO. 

To support the transformation, iSoftStone integrated seamlessly into our client’s team. More than simply a contractor and technology partner, we’re still right with the company as the business grows and software capabilities continue to evolve. 

Key takeaways.

iSoftStone supported a fast-growing omnichannel retailer in creating a data-driven culture and building an analytics function. 

Indicates application or web development.


Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Power BI, client’s third-party applications, SQL data server 

Illustrates user communities or bringing people together.


Software development, Power BI development, Power Platform development, staff augmentation 


  • Data-driven collaboration
  • Self-serve Microsoft Power BI
  • Empowered users
  • Company-wide culture change
  • KPI tracking and KPI insights
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