iSoftStone partners with medicinal company on Drupal site creation


iSoftStone associates partnered with a national medicinal company to build Drupal Web applications promoting the company’s brand and created functionality to build, manage, and communicate with an affiliate network of regional product resellers. One of the Drupal applications required a large amount of integrations with 3rd party backoffice systems, and many of these systems were custom-build and lacking available data connectors.

The problem

  • Create a Web site which promotes the medicinal company, attracts new resellers, markets available products, and encourages new product development/packaging.
  • Provide easy signup of new affiliates and management of company-to-affiliate data communications – including inventory, ship order, and invoice data sets.
  • Provide marketing communications between the company and affiliates and between affiliates (mainly for inventory availability).
  • The client’s IT personnel had already started working on solutions, but got blocked by technical know-how and experience when integrating into other systems.

The solution

iSoftStone picked up from where the client team started. Our associates partnered with the client and refactored, redesigned, and implemented a new set of Drupal Web sites using an iterative Agile approach.

We created:

  • New custom theme for the marketing site and another for the business app
  • Tiered authorization and new branding customized to affiliates (personalization)
  • New modules to integrate with 3rd party systems for order creation, processing, and fulfillment, invoicing, and querying inventory availability
  • New modules to surface data and produce reports
  • A communication hub

Core technologies/deliverables.

  • Drupal
  • PHP/Apache/Linux
  • Azure Active Directory integration
  • Membership subsystem for authorization
  • Google Mail (API)
  • Google Docs (API)
  • Agile
  • 3rd Party Hosting
  • UX, design, and theming
  • SharePoint (for project management)
  • Azure DevOps (for project management)

Key impacts.

Indicates application or web development.

Interactively worked with the client’s business owner and IT professionals to evaluate their current situation and analyze technologies. Identified needs and requirements and produce different technical roadmaps to communicate feasibility of integrating with other existing systems.

Cloud development or infrastructure; can also represent IOT.

Implemented a marketing web sites and a business Web app using Drupal, a favorite all-in-one Web development platform + CMS of Web development professionals. Drupal powers approximately 3% of all commercial web sites, but is a favorite of developers who know how to code and want the power of the Drupal platform.

By leveraging Drupal’s powerful engine, specifically for content types, views, and tiered authorization (access control), the medicinal company was able to leverage work they had started and their knowledge of Drupal. Drupal offers flexibility in creating data connectors to other systems. Since most of their backoffice systems did not have data connectors, building these saved the company money and avoiding replacing them.

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