Global storage infrastructure for major non-profit organization

The problem

A major non-profit organization was experiencing slow performance when global users were importing very large size digital assets (ex. Videos) directly to/from Nuxeo servers. They needed to support both real time UI as well as batch imports from globally distributed sources.

The client wanted to implement a solution to improve the performance by optimizing both Web-based UI import as well as bulk import processes.


The solution

iSoftStone analyzed the business need, designed, and then developed a sophisticated global storage infrastructure with integration of MinIO, a high-performance storage system.

With the global storage infrastructure, the extremely large binaries are managed with local high speed storage while meta-data is managed in the cloud using MinIO/AWS hybrid solution.

Our team also created isomorphic storage interface to reduce software complexity and to easy management of underlying storage systems.

Key impacts.

Significantly increased file transfer performance. Importing a 18.5GB file went from 7 hours to 2 hours.

Indicates accessibility features or services.

Better user experience by lowering the network latency and real time user feedback by adding a visible progress bar and user-friendly log messages/notifications.

Achieved high efficiency and cost savings when dealing very large size files by leveraging multi-part parallel uploads, hybrid storage and simple implementation.

Indicates implementation of sustainable solutions.

Large binary files were stored on-premise while meta-data was stored in the cloud using a common set of APIs providing a simple and sustainable solution.

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