Iconic sports brand makes digital assets globally available from one cloud-native location


iSoftStone and Nuxeo’s leading digital asset management solution helped a world-famous sports company implement a new DAM to centralize its assets and deliver consistent brand identity regardless of access location.


The problem

The iconic brand was experiencing challenges with searching, finding, reusing, and versioning digital assets, as well as managing usage rights to those assets. It lacked a robust metadata model and its teams were using disparate asset repositories. These challenges inhibited collaboration and resulted in process inefficiencies, including manual work and duplication of work.


The solution

iSoftStone’s content services engineering team created a centralized asset repository using the Nuxeo digital asset management platform. With an unlimited ability to scale and cloud-native architecture, the platform has enabled the sports brand to manage important intellectual property from a single secure location. Features such as usage management promote collaboration by allowing partners to access approved assets from a centrally managed hub. Our team also created a custom bulk import function to enable large-scale asset ingestion using the native S3 multi-upload API. A function that has improved transport speeds by a factor of 100.

Key impacts.

Governance, consistency, and tracking are improved. Automation helps the company’s global teams to follow established business processes and provides them with a built-in tracking mechanism for work-in-process tasks. 

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Advanced searching and filtering allows for better asset discovery and reuse. This has both condensed turnaround times and reduced the costly creation of new assets.

One centralized, managed asset repository allows teams to get what they need, localize content, and keep promoting brand identity, with consistency, on a global scale.

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