Break down silos with Product Asset Management

What is Product Asset Management?

Imagine combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) in a dynamic, API-first system that is meant to be adapted to your unique business processes. What you end up with is a new approach-one that breaks down silos, helps you to spot emerging trends, and ultimately helps you to bring new products to market faster or with less effort. This is Product Asset Management (PAM).


A new approach

It’s only when you can access all your information in one system that you can start to create links between records and begin to spot emerging trends. This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all your existing systems – it means having an intelligent, lightweight platform that can query your existing systems and file stores when needed and can host the information itself whenever it makes sense to do so.

It’s about combining information about everything-your influencers and bloggers, your materials, your existing products and outlets, your new product designs and 3d files, and your digital assets and photo studio workflows-all under one roof.


Solution Enablement Toolkit

iSoftStone’s unique “building block” approach to Product Asset Management can yield initial benefits in weeks, not months or years. The idea is to start with a narrowly-targeted initial solution-for example, to have a place to host and preview 3d design files that also queries your existing supply chain management system to fetch and display data about the various materials that are slated to be used in each design. Once that is launched to end users, then we build the next narrowly-scoped solution that interlinks with the first-for example, a user-friendly materials library that includes texture files, a form/workflow to request physical samples, and which links to the product designs that use the various materials, and which continues to ingest materials data from your existing supply chain management software.

Then we continue to build the additional interlinked solutions-for example, the library of existing products, the ability to send and receive data to and from your website or ecommerce outlets, photo studio workflows, digital asset management, and so on. At each stage, we make sure that each targeted solution serves a purpose as part of the integrated whole so that you are able to build a full Product Asset Management solution that is adapted to your business’s workflows while offering quick wins and efficiency gains at each step along the way.

This is iSoftStone’s Solution Enablement Toolkit-an approach that builds and launches a series of minimum viable products that combine to create a holistic platform that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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