Boeing vCabin

The problem

Boeing is in the process of modernizing the Airplane cabin space.  The current solutions require heavy wire bundles, are expensive to modify once in production and require custom hardware to interpret and analyze the data.

The solution

In collaboration with various PD teams, iSoftStone developed an IOT platform that enables device management and provisioning functions.  A simple API was developed to communicate with devices not necessarily available via standard Wi-Fi networks.

Our process

As Boeing prepared to re-launch the 787 Dreamliner, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Brand Management team wanted to recreate excitement around the industry-changing airplane. The team approached iSoftStone to support the design and development of web-based passenger experience modules that showcased the unique features of the 787 Dreamliner.

iSoftStone’s teams worked with the 787 Dreamliner Brand Management team to understand the differentiating features of the airplane and the specific requirements for a multi-device design that responds to a variety of device form factors.

Luxurious, spacious, thoughtful

Leveraging cutting edge UX techniques and HTML 5 rich visual narrative, the team created a parallax designed module concept, which encourages user engagement and draws easy-to-process parallels between traditional airplane features and the luxurious, spacious, and thoughtful features incorporated into the 787 Dreamliner.

Each module highlights a distinct 787 Dreamliner feature, including windows, spacious architecture, lavatories, and lighting. As part of the partner brand flexibility, the iSoftStone team created a flexible framework that allows partners to plug and play the feature modules that they want to highlight in their digital experience.

Aligned design

Our team worked in tandem with the 787 Dreamliner brand management and Boeing marketing teams to ensure that all design is aligned with The Boeing Company brand and best practices. The developers were key innovators in making this solution a cutting edge execution and delivered a rich visual narrative.

Key impacts.

Indicates application or web development.

Built 30+ POC applications and created 100+ static and motion graphic assets.

Illustrates user communities or bringing people together.

Supported customer engagements and projects to 20+ airlines.

Improved overall performance by implementing light-weight APIs across all device communications.​

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