Behind the Scenes: Why DAM Implementations Fail

Behind the scenes: Why DAM Implementations Fail

It’s no secret that implementing a new DAM is a massive undertaking. With so much opportunity for risk, how can teams set themselves up for success? iSoftStone partnered with Tenovos and Henry Stewart Events to bring you behind the scenes and participate in an Ask-Me-Anything style discussion on exactly that.

It’s critical to know how early teams really need to think about implementation (spoiler alert: it’s long before you sign that dotted line!), what builds a strong foundation for DAM success, and how you can empower your team and organization to onboard this enterprise platform with confidence and long term, sustainable user adoption.

In this 30-minute rapid-fire session, Steve Grimes, VP Services & Delivery at Tenovos, Grant Spradlin, VP Client Engagement at iSoftStone, and Seshu Pandari, Senior Manager at Qvest will expose how DAM implementations can fail, and how you can steer your organization in the right direction and mitigate risk.

Topics will include:

  • Project scope and best practices for identifying your unique vendor needs
  • Implementation readiness and succession through each phase
  • Onboarding your team
  • Maximizing user adoption
  • What you should look for in a product roadmap

To further your success in implementing a DAM, all attendees will have the opportunity to win a free consultation with iSoftStone!

UPDATE: This webinar occurred in the past. You can view the recording or read the summary about why DAM implementations fail on our partner’s site.

The Speakers.

Grant Spradlin from iSoftStone joins an expert panel sponsored by Tenovos and Henry Stewart Events to talk about why DAM implementations fail.

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Watch the webinar.

You can view the recording or read the summary about why DAM implementations fail.

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