Global data privacy compliance for AWS cloud-based content


iSoftStone’s AWS cloud engineering team used their expertise in enterprise cloud development to speedily modernize the backend services of a popular athletics brand and bring it into customer data compliance in China.


The problem

China’s new data privacy laws require that companies stop the outward flow of data from Chinese consumers to other countries. In short: Chinese consumer data had to stay within China from July 2022 onward. The risk of non-compliance? Being delisted by the largest consumer market in the world. Our customer was a global retail brand whose digital channels were served content worldwide from its Global HQ AWS Cloud instance while data returning from customers was stored on US region AWS Cloud.


The solution

iSoftStone replicated and modernized global AWS Cloud infrastructure in both China and the US, enabling the publishing and distribution and storage of content and customer data inside China. Our engineering and content service subject matter experts partnered with the brand’s content management team to essentially rebuild all of its cloud-based backend services from scratch and take advantage of AWS cloud computing products like Amazon Lambda, EC2, S3, VPC, OpenSearch, SQS, and SNS publisher and subscriber messaging.

In addition to solving the data compliance requirements, and to ensure resiliency, we added a new failover region in China and two new global regions for high availability and disaster recovery. All this was built at an extremely fast pace and required continuous adjustments and stakeholder alignment with both global and Chinese leadership. We quickly earned our client’s trust and became central players in solutioning, architecting, building, and documenting.

Key impacts.

Cloud development or infrastructure; can also represent IOT.

From authoring to publishing to presentation, moving to modern cloud computing has brought resiliency and reliability to this well-known brand’s content distribution.  

Indicator of process or engineering automation

Data parity from the primary region to failover regions has been ensured. Our team architected live syncing OpenSearch data from region to another.

Global authoring at world headquarters with regional publishing and distribution of content enables region-specific data storage. Personal data privacy and local laws are respected — without impacting our client’s business model.

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