iSoftStone customizes Adobe Experience Manager to meet the needs of a multinational electronics company


iSoftStone partnered with a multinational electronics company to not only rebuild their website but to also vastly improve their internal content management processes using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).


The problem

  • The client’s multiple content management systems proved costly to maintain, they lacked the ability to provide a unified messaging strategy across regions, and it was difficult to organize, create, and publish unified business information.
  • The client wanted to use AEM for their primary public-facing system, but they also wanted a purpose-built, immersive system to serve as an extranet where staff could manage products and their associated content in a way that was perfectly in-sync with each staff member’s role.


The solution

  • iSoftStone created a special AEM interface for employees to submit and review content.
  • This system has its own Author and Publish instances, and the employees interact with the Publish instance as a type of extranet, but specifically for submitting and reviewing content.
  • This AEM-based system is integrated with the public-facing AEM instance and content is reviewed, approved, and published to the public-facing system via workflows.

Core technologies/deliverables.

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Agile
  • Dynamics 365
  • UX, design, and theming

Key impacts.

The multinational client was able to synchronize its messaging strategy across regions for the first time.

Cloud development or infrastructure; can also represent IOT.

An integrated architecture between AEM and Dynamics 365 ensures standardized product information.

Represents collaboration within teams or across organizations.

The immersive employee interface provides structure for non-technical employees to work within, reducing help desk requests, user error, and onboarding time.

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