Acceptance, unity, and diversity taking it “a step above”

Our hearts are heavy over the racial discrimination and the suffering that is occurring across the world. Now more than ever, we are seeing a greater need for love, unity, compassion, and inclusion of all. We support those working toward a peaceful resolution. By working together, we will prevail and build a brighter future devoid of inequality and discrimination. It starts with a mindset that encourages acceptance, unity and diversity. During these trying times we at iSoftStone choose to be “A Step Above.”

“When people are determined they can overcome anything.” -Nelson Mandela

About iSoftStone

Founded in 2005, iSoftStone is a global IT service and consulting organization that creates value and drives success through technology solutions, service excellence, and digital innovation. Our services and solutions specialize in the areas of web and application development, software testing and support, data and content management, digital experience, accessibility, and data for machine learning and AI. With 20 delivery centers and over 90,000 employees worldwide, we are committed to driving innovation for over 1,000 clients, including 90+ Fortune Global 500 companies.

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