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Accessibility inclusive design creates better experiences

The root of inclusive design recognizes user experiences that work for people across the disability spectrum will work better for everyone.

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Did you know design-related issues are the most typical and comprise 54% of identified accessibility bugs?

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Accessibility maturity

Start with inclusive design and approach accessibility the right way.

With our expert recommendations in hand, accessibility becomes a habit for your organization – and an intrinsic part of your company’s culture.

  • Develop an accessibility-first culture.
  • Inject accessibility across your company’s assets.
  • Approach design with accessibility in mind.
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iSoftStone shifted our thinking

“We are very happy with the accessibility design resource from iSoftStone. Beyond the professionalism and design skills they possess, their ability to look at an existing comp and immediately identify ways to make improvements for accessibility has really helped our teams think about the way they approach the design process.”

Partner Design Director | Fortune 100 Company

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Design expertise

Get started with expert guidance.

Meet with our design teams who are experts in all accessibility design principles and standards.

Learn industry standard success criteria to design for your users’ perspectives and experiences.

Empathy for the user is at the root of everything we deliver at iSoftStone.

There are several reasons why an organization’s accessibility momentum seems to stall.

If this sounds familiar, we’re here to help.

Indicates some form of dollar or budget savings; can also indicate revenue growth.

Reallocation of budget

Represents consulting services or helping others learn information.

Loss of an accessibility champion

Demonstrates thought leadership and providing consultation or insight.

Re-prioritization of strategic initiatives

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Every company is in a unique place with their accessibility maturity.

Drive a cultural shift at the leadership level. Develop a plan that recognizes the need to adopt or recommit to an accessibility-first strategy.

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