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Level up your team’s accessibility knowledge to create better experiences

Leverage iSoftStone’s accessibility training and learning expertise to help your design, engineering, and content teams make better decisions.

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Train for improvement

Set your teams up for accessibility success with training that’s actionable.

We help increase accessibility knowledge by providing targeted and personalized sessions that include accessibility tool demos, technology deep-dives, scenario-specific errors, and Q&A forums.

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Training that works

All-day sessions and classroom lectures aren’t what your teams need.

Get actionable training that addresses real-world scenarios and helps your engineering and design teams think about accessibility and understand how it impacts your business.

Represents collaboration within teams or across organizations.

Office Hours

Office hour sessions are 60-minute virtual calls in which iSoftStone will provide an accessibility subject matter expert to cover a specific topic related to accessibility or simply be available to answer questions in a Q&A format.

Cloud development or infrastructure; can also represent IOT.

Tool and Technology Demos

Demo sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes in length and highlight a specific assistive technology or accessibility tool or feature. These sessions typically include documentation made available to the participants for future reference.

Indicates implementation of sustainable solutions.

Code and Design Deep-Dives

Sessions targeting engineering or design teams are approximately 90-120 minutes in length and cover specific technical issues or success criteria and how to address them in order to comply with accessibility standards.

Gain beneficial resources

“The iSoftStone Accessibility team is knowledgeable and provides beneficial resources to any questions that appeared during or after the training sessions.”

Head of Digital Experience, Marketing | Fortune 100 Company

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Talk to an accessibility expert and schedule a training session today.

Talk with us about your teams and the work they’re doing. We can help you develop a training plan that best suits your needs and drives great accessibility results.

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