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Developing solutions and creating content with accessibility in mind

Developing solutions that work seamlessly with Assistive Technology (AT) creates experiences that meet accessibility standards across all disability types.

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Building for accessibility

Your software development model should put accessibility first.

Incorporating a “develop for accessibility” mindset ensures your sites, applications, and tools meet accessibility compliance guidelines.



Demonstrates work meeting certification or compliance requirements.

Planning, Analysis, and Requirements

Brainstorm ideas and solve problems. Define your scope and boundaries to ensure new feature development meets the needs of all users.

Highlights specific tools or features that were designed.


Make architectural decisions and develop workflow designs that ensure information hierarchy, design, and tech specs pass usability reviews.

Indicates application or web development.


Execute on technical development activities to ensure architecture, code, and visual and interactive designs follow accessibility standards

Indicator of process or engineering automation

Test and Deploy

Test across a variety of Assistive Technologies to ensure that your accessibility testing captures the highest number of potential issues across commonly used technology.

Build accessibility muscle

“If you need to build accessibility muscle in your org, iSoftStone is the vendor company to consider. They provide both design and technical services as well as consultants that can support specific programs. iSoftStone is a well-rounded supplier with great accessibility skills.”

Global Director, Accessibility | Fortune 100 Company

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Files and document remediation

Accessible content goes beyond just websites and mobile apps.

Our teams’ remediation expertise spans across the entire Microsoft Office suite, PDFs, media, and more. We ensure all your digital content meets the accessibility standards for your related industry.

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When should you ask for help?

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Getting started on a project

Our accessibility teams have decades of experience developing projects with accessibility in mind. We can help you with your project plan to ensure you’re planning for accessibility too.

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Approaching a deadline

Is your schedule running away from you and you don’t have the necessary resources to capture your accessibility requirements? We can help your project turn the corner to address accessibility.

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Have a quick question

We all have questions and can use an occasional push in the right direction. If you’re running into a wall and can’t seem to solve an issue, we’re here to help get you over the finish line.

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Let’s get started on your next accessibility project together.

Start your project right. Include accessibility from the very beginning and create the best experience possible for your customers.

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