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Accessibility competitive analysis keeps you ahead of your competition

Identifying accessibility gaps across features helps make better decisions in prioritizing product updates.

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Clearly defined goals.

Our competitive analysis provides insights that help your products gain an industry advantage by broadening the scope of your reach to more users.

  • Represent the perspective of users with disabilities.
  • Provide a snapshot of how your platforms and tools compare to industry competitors.
  • Identify existing accessibility feature gaps.
  • Investigate and leverage best practices across the industry.

Getting started the right way.

We bring experience, expertise, and insight to provide you meaningful results that translate into better feature enhancements.

  • Discuss and finalize your products and the competing products to include in the analysis.
  • Determine the list of scenarios and features to include in the competitive analysis.
  • Finalize platforms for evaluation (desktop, mobile, etc).
  • Identify User Personas and Assistive Technologies to include in evaluations.
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Robust reporting that articulates issues and drives decisions for improvement.

iSoftStone provides a suite of reports at the end of the competitive analysis that provides varying levels of details to share across your organization comparing accessibility gaps between your product and those of your competitors.

Demonstrates work meeting certification or compliance requirements.

Summary view across features

This report provides an at-a-glance view of features and how they compare across your products and competing products. Where applicable, similar features are reviewed under various user scenarios.

Represents disciplines around project management and process flows.

Scenario-level detailed experience

This report provides a comprehensive analysis-per-scenario view that includes a detailed description of each scenario for both your product and the competing products.

Executive presentation

This report provides a high-level overview of the competitive analysis landscape. Each product receives a score from 1-10 to demonstrate how features and scenarios compare across different products or platforms.

Observations by disability type

This report is a comparison summary of the user experiences across six disability types. Each experience is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10 and provides a short comment explaining the ranking.

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Flexible pricing options.

Our accessibility competitive analysis solution offers fixed-costs, time-boxed schedules, and pricing discounts for additional competitors added to the analysis.
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Expertise you can trust to improve your product features.

With years of experience and deep understanding of accessibility industry standards, iSoftStone can provide competitive analysis across any product or platform. Below is a list of the types of products and platforms we have analyzed for accessibility.

  • Productivity tools
  • Mobile OS
  • Web browsers
  • Low code/no code development platforms
  • Data and analytics
  • Mixed reality platforms
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Your products represent the way you do business.

Identify accessibility gaps in your products and platforms to become a leader in your industry and improve the experience for all of your users.

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