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Our Activity Manger is one to watch for.

The iSoftStone Activity Manager combines collaboration and communication for more efficient retail operations and an enhanced customer experience.

Introducing the ultimate Activity Management Solution specifically designed to effectively manage retail operations and improve the customer journey. The Activity Manager equips employees with information they need quickly and more efficiently than traditional communication methods. Including both web based and smart watch technology with a fully integrated back-end reporting tool, our solution promotes enhanced productivity, team collaboration and seamless communication across operations, giving stakeholders the right information to optimize their retail operations.

The Activity Manager features both web and smart watch technologies. This means employees can create tasks on the web or on-the-go, allowing for task collaboration anywhere, anytime. Watch users are alerted when new tasks come in and can add them to their list of tasks to complete, allowing you to seamlessly connect your retail operations.

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With the Activity Manager employees are armed with the information they need to stay informed regardless of their location in the store. As opposed to headsets which can be distracting when engaging with customers, the discreet design of our smart watch eliminates distraction for a more engaging customer experience. Other benefits of the watch include giving employees the ability to ask clarifying questions on tasks or products verbally or by typing the question directly into the watch face. The Activity Manager keeps employees in the communication loop at all times.



When a new task is created it is routed through intelligent workflows that assign task priority based on the request type and other predefined factors. Through the workflow, the task can be assigned to an available employee or can be escalated to management if needed. If an outside system is generating alerts the task can be consumed, tracked and responded to within the Activity Manager framework.

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When employees are equipped with access to accurate and reliable information about products they become better ambassadors of your store and your brand. The Activity Manager gives your employees real-time access to the information they need in-field directly on their wrist using innovative wearable technology. When your employees are knowledgeable about your products, their location and availability it creates a better experience for your customers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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Our solution offers a fully integrated reporting system that can understand and track the communication among employees, track task status and product sku lookup information. This reporting system feeds into a live dashboard that provides real-time updates of retail operations. The reporting, analytics and customizable dashboard feature provides valuable insight at each level of the organization, allowing stakeholders to make more informed business decisions.

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Over time, the Activity Manager collects data and analytics around consumption, consumer purchasing patterns, employee requests and other details of the retail operations. It begins to learn the intricacies of your retail practices and tendencies and begins suggesting and predicting behaviors and store needs. This results in tasks being completed by employees who are the best fit, employees being better informed about common questions or areas of concern and retail floors being stocked and better prepared with popular items.

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