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iSoftStone Partners with Microsoft Office Online

iSoftStone Partners with Microsoft Office Online

How iSoftStone creates a seamless customer experience for the Microsoft Office Online Marketing team

The Microsoft Office Online Product Marketing Group (PMG) was looking for a dedicated business partner. This partner would help manage the ongoing web development and production for their consumer and commercial Office web properties. In addition, this partner would oversee A/B test, BI tag development, marketing automation development, and future technology research and development. The task would involve supporting over 350 high traffic web pages across 64 global markets. With a proven track record of supporting Microsoft, the Office Web PMG selected iSoftStone to oversee their online presence.

Helping Microsoft deliver stellar results

iSoftStone now oversees the direction and management of the daily rhythm of the business. Additionally, they handle project work for new builds, and site wide feature roll outs for Office Web PMG. This includes project management, platform and tools development, web development, web production, test and BI development and marketing automation.

iSoftStone’s project management team helps coordinate and ensure all clients, stakeholders and cross-functional team members are fully supported by creating sustainable and scalable workflows and processes. Our development and production teams help Office Web PMG deliver a world-class digital experience by utilizing fully responsive web development technology on Site Muse with full compliance of the latest Microsoft Accessibility Standards (MAS), as well as, 508, and WCAG 2.0 compliance.

In addition, our marketing automation team creates user friendly forms giving visitors the flexibility to try, buy, and learn more about Office products leveraging the Marketo platform.  One click social sign on makes this solution user friendly while the marketing automation helps Microsoft’s business team pair interested customers with on target products. This helps drive actionable results that make sense for the user and creates a user database for ongoing product marketing.

iSoftStone’s website optimization team plays a crucial role in building custom analytics with WEDCS for proprietary tagging. Utilizing A/B testing on the Optimizely platform, the team can improve customer metrics by combining subject matter expertise with modern optimization engines. This helps improve user experiences, increase overall site engagement, and click through rates for buy flows. Overall, this greatly impacts the business’s bottom line.

How iSoftStone will continue to drive success in Microsoft’s FY18

iSoftStone Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in project, program, and release management, web development, web production, web optimization, marketing automation, and platform development work seamlessly with the Microsoft Office Online Product Marketing Group. Together, they deliver on time, on task and with stellar results. As a result, iSoftStone continues to support Office Online PMG on an ongoing basis. We’re pleased to say, our SMEs will be tackling some new exciting tasks in FY18 including:

  • Microsoft Web Framework (MWF) site wide roll out
  • Platform migration to Red Tiger
  • Red Tiger web development and web production