iSoftStone and Yitian Group Co-Launch Smart Community E Platform

iSoftStone and Yitian Group Co-Launch Smart Community E Platform

iSoftStone and Yitian announce strategic partnership to launch Shenzhen Dynamic Town

iSoftStone and Yitian Group recently announced a strategic partnership to launch a Smart Community E Platform in Shenzhen. The collaboration marks a new era of cooperation between the two companies, with a shared goal of creating a model smart city in Shenzhen. Leaders of both Yitian Group and iSoftStone attended a ceremony to celebrate the launch of phase I of the platform.

The partnership leverages opportunities presented by Shenzhen’s “Going East” strategy, a plan that aims to refashion the eastern part of the city into new growth points to boost Shenzhen’s economy. iSoftStone and Yitian have agreed to share resources and information to set up the model smart city, Shenzhen Dynamic Town.

The vision behind the Smart Community E Platform is to better meet the needs of property owners in Shenzhen. During Phase I, the teams will establish the underlying community service system to increase property management efficiency. In addition, Internet of Things (IoT) access will be provided to give property owners an improved user experience by utilizing various smart devices throughout the community.

A new era of collaboration between iSoftStone and Yitian

“Our smart community solution will share data and resources among business segments, creating an innovative integrated community service platform,” said President Zhiqiang Li of Yitian. “The end goal is to deliver unique and distinctive solutions that enhance the quality of life for Shenzhen’s citizens.”

“iSoftStone attaches a great deal of importance to our partnership with Yitian,” said iSoftStone Senior Vice President Liming Chen. “This partnership will leverage iSoftStone’s expertise in smart city implementations and Yitian’s broad experience in real estate development and property management services. Together, we will help boost economic opportunities in our communities.”

The Smart Community E Platform mirrors iSoftStone’s comprehensive service capacity and is an important channel to accelerate development of smart cities and industries related to IoT. The platform also highlights iSoftStone’s mature integrated solutions for the real estate sector, laying a solid foundation for developing IoT solutions and products for future smart communities.