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The Failure of Self-Service Business Intelligence

The Failure of Self-Service Business Intelligence

Is self-service business intelligence meeting your most critical business requirements?

The allure of self-service business intelligence is irresistible: faster response times, better information, and increased adoption.  Accordingly, organizations of all types are making investments in related software tools and consulting services.

91% of contacts agree it is important for business users to access data without the help of IT [i]

95% of organizations plan to invest in self-service in the next 2 years [ii]

In essence, self-service business intelligence gives less technical personnel the ability to interact with data. As a result, this drives analytics adoption in far greater numbers than ever before. Yet, survey data and statistics tell a very different story about the actual use and efficiency of self-service business intelligence.

22% average user adoption rate of BI tools (unchanged for the past decade) [iii]

64% of organizations still struggle with self-service business intelligence [iv]

What does this tell us? In short, it tells us that even the most intuitive front-end tool sets fail to address critical requirements in three critical areas.