iSoftStone’s Retail Management Solution

iSoftStone’s Retail Management Solution

Our Retail Management Solution combines collaboration and communication for more efficient and productive retail operations. 

Introducing the ultimate Retail Management Solution specifically designed to effectively manage retail operations and improve the customer journey. The Retail Management Solution equips employees with information they need quickly and more efficiently than traditional communication methods. The solution combines both web based and watch based enterprise wearable technologies. In addition it includes a fully integrated back-end reporting tool. Overall, the solution promotes enhanced productivity, team collaboration and seamless communication across retail organizations. Stakeholders are now better equipped with the information they need to optimize their retail operations.

Mobilize your store operations

  • Send a task – Quickly assign tasks to employees. Employees receive notification of new tasks through a light vibration on their wrist and are then able to respond by swiping up or down.
  • Message a coworker – Effortlessly create and send messages to employees and co-workers. Urgent memos and tasks requiring immediate assistance can now reach employees without disruption.
  • Locate a peer – Easily locate employees and managers throughout the store with location services. Rather than having to use an intercom to get an employees attention, wearable technology allows for more discreet communication.
  • Increase team collaboration – Boost teamwork with the ability to assign employees to collaborate on tasks creating a more dynamic and connected workplace.

Enrich your customer experience

  • Empower your employees with technology – Empowering employees with technology is a critical element of retail success in 2017. With iSoftStone’s Retail Management solution employees now have the information they need right on their wrist, allowing them to better assist customers.
  • Lookup a product – Conveniently lookup SKUs directly on the watch face to see key information about the product. Information includes anything from where a product is located to how many items are in stock in your store and nearby stores.
  • Pick and pack a product – Easily send requests to employees at any store to pull a product from inventory and send it directly to a customer.
  • Assist a customer – Quickly notify an employee to respond to a click on an end cap or dressing room with a customer assistance button. In addition, notify an employee to help carry items to the register and help customers out to their cars.

Drive greater insight

  • Gain Product Insight – Understand the types of items your customers need help with. This will provide greater understanding into how to better improve the customer experience.
  • Understand Team Dynamics – Gain greater insight into the types of tasks each employee is completing. In addition, analyze the average time it takes for individual employees to respond to and complete a task.
  • Reward Employees – Access real data on how your employees are performing.