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iSoftStone Leads Market Research Project for Global Search Company

iSoftStone Leads Market Research Project for Global Search Company

How iSoftStone’s market research capabilities helped identify opportunities that move the needle

Creating a more connected search experience

Every consumer that uses the internet leverages search to connect them with information to fulfill their needs. While the web continues to evolve with applications, the growth of mobile and increased interactivity, the function of search has remained the same. Not only has the function remained the same, but it has been dominated by one key player. Frustrated by the dominance of the legacy search solution, our client turned to us for market research help.

Seeing an opportunity to transform the search experience, we led our client through global market research and intelligence gathering. The findings of this project helped guide our client in planning and introduction of new product features. It also helped facilitate the integration of more unique products and service offerings. Additionally, our work provided fundamental recommendations for changing the current search experience. These findings gave our clients a clear path to gain market share from their competitors.

iSoftStone Research Cloud & Social Intelligence Platform

Working in partnership with our client, we first identified key questions that would enable product and marketing teams to make better decisions. Preliminary research came next, where we tested our hypothesis by leveraging the iSoftStone Research Cloud & Social Intelligence Platform (SIP). This platform enables us to quickly sample a large audience in order to refine the broader study and eventual intelligence. The full research and analytics program came next. Over the course of three months we engaged the iSoftStone Research Cloud to survey over 2,500 people across five countries and four languages. In addition, we engaged in 60 1:1 interviews in the homes of consumers and collected over 200 hours of video. Leveraging our Social Intelligence Platform we analyzed all data collected and over seven years of related consumer social activity.

Once the data was collected, iSoftStone’s Business Intelligence team enabled the client to visualize, manipulate, analyze and drill down into multiple layers of intelligence. This gave our clients the critical information and recommendations they needed to make key product and marketing decisions. Our client now utilizes the latest market intelligence aligned to the hypothesis to support their ongoing development efforts.

Using market research to revolutionize search

The ability to source, engage, collect and analyze information at a global scale and then turn it into actionable intelligence is critical to our clients ongoing success. Our global research and analysis platform provided quick access to vital consumer and competitor intelligence on a global scale. In turn, this helped our client successfully develop the right features and targeted messaging for their search services. Our client has moved forward with the development of new, revolutionary features for their next product releases. Additionally, they have updated main parts of their product messaging based on the market research, intelligence, recommendations and services we provided.