iSoftStone’s Smart Transportation Analysis Platform

iSoftStone’s Smart Transportation Analysis Platform

iSoftStone enters strategic partnership with DKS Associates

Joint partnership to provide new smart city and smart transportation analysis services and solutions

Accurate and reliable transportation data is essential for monitoring the performance of transportation systems, identifying problems and making informed planning decisions. However, critical data sets that transportation planners, engineers and modelers require are typically difficult and expensive to acquire. Furthermore, they are often limited to specific locations and time periods. Consequently, current transportation analysis is only a “snapshot in time” for a select number of core routes and intersections. As a result, transportation engineering and investment decisions are made without critical data points and insight into current trends.

For this reason, iSoftStone and DKS Associates partnered to create a new packaged solution offering. This new offering is an integrated Smart Transportation Analysis Platform. To summarize, the platform provides a more agile, data-driven approach to transportation planning and investment decision making. The cloud-based system leverages process consulting, engineering expertise and new data related technologies.  Additionally, the highly interactive analysis tools allow transportation engineers to leverage both historical and real-time data to improve outcomes. Most notably, the solution combines existing data, sensor feeds and untapped external information sources. Altogether, this helps transportation planners make effective, measurable decisions quickly for the purpose of better supporting modern cities.

Solution features:

A holistic view using disparate sources

  • Travel – View reliable travel times and route choice displays and volume counts across major routes.
  • Disruptions – Understand the impact of incidents in addition to construction and other events.
  • Environment – Incorporate weather and environmental data sources into overall decision making.
  • Vehicle flow – Access flow maps, occupancy data and multi-modal transport information.

A better approach to data collection and analysis

  • Advanced data harvesting – Leverage new web and API data sets.
  • Adaptive analysis capabilities – Test both hypotheses and models without added expenses.
  • Comprehensive Analysis – Utilize ongoing before and after analysis of any route instantly.
  • Data mining – Mine for valuable new insights, ultimately leading to improved decision making.

A new way of managing infrastructure 

  • Agile – Immediately shorten decision cycles.
  • Dynamic – Adjust data sets as needed without delay.
  • Precise – Base decisions on real-time information wherever, whenever.
  • Improve outcomes – Greatly increase overall return on investments.

Solution benefits:

Overall, transportation planners can now migrate to an insightful, data driven and agile approach by leveraging modern data visualizations and technologies. To summarize, the Smart Transportation Analysis Platform provides the following key benefits:

  • Less field devices to place and maintain than before.
  • Flexibility in both scope and extent of data collection.
  • Incorporation of numerous data sets.
  • Ability to quickly iterate while still measuring results.
  • An “insight-driven” analysis model.
  • Overall ability to make better decisions across transportation engineering efforts.


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