iSoftStone Sponsors Youth Soccer Program

iSoftStone Sponsors Youth Soccer Program

iSoftStone partners with Hand in Hand Kids to sponsor local youth soccer program

For over three years iSoftStone a proud partner of the Make a Change Foundation (MAC). Together, iSoftStone and MAC help support Hand in Hand. Hand in Hand is a local non-profit organization that provides shelter, love and care to children entering the Washington State foster care system. iSoftStone recently announced they will be partnering with MAC to sponsor a local youth soccer program.

Hand in Hand has made it their mission to create a safe environment for children during a time of uncertainty. It’s a place kids can go while case workers and family members sort out their housing situation. Not only does Hand in Hand provide for the immediate needs of these children, but also provide a support system within the Snohomish, WA community. Every day of the week there is one activity or another taking place at the Hand in Hand facility. Activities include everything from after school clubs and community meals to clothing exchanges and field trips. Hand in Hand’s newest activity is youth sports, more specifically a youth soccer program.

Yourth soccer team huddled around coach

The impact of sports on teaching children teamwork

Sports and teamwork have always been an integral part of life at iSoftStone. Teamwork is part of our daily work lives. We take time to celebrate our local teams including the Mariners, Sounders, Storm and Seahawks. In addition, we host regular competitions including March Madness Brackets and Fantasy Football Leagues. We love to encourage a little friendly competition and interoffice rivalries because we know this builds relationships. In the past we’ve even had hiking clubs, biking clubs and walking groups led by iSoftStone employees to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Outside of work our employees work out regularly and participate in adult sports leagues or have kids playing team sports. Basically, we know how important physical activity and fitness is, both physically and mentally. That’s why, when presented the opportunity to support a year-round youth soccer team, we were all in. iSoftStone leadership unanimously agreed that this is an initiative that aligns with our core values.

“Study after study shows the positive impact that playing a team sport can have on a child’s development both psychologically and socially,” said President of North America Glenn Bowers. “Participating in sports is a great way to teach discipline, training, teamwork and leadership. Confidence and character building and the connections made, provide opportunities for growth. In addition, sports show that working hard can be  fun. We’re so pleased to support Hand in Hand in this way and look forward to watching these young athletes grow, compete and have fun”.

Soccer team posing on field

A safe place to learn and play

The youth soccer program includes students from Hand in Hand’s after school program. Throughout the summer the kids have a chance to compete in tournaments as practice. Regular season practices and games begin in September. The team has played their heart out this summer already, competing in 105 degree heat and taking second place overall in their first tournament. Many of the students on the team have never even played a sport before, making the second place finish and the opportunity to play on the team all the more exciting and meaningful.

“The kids that come through our doors every day have been through so much in their young lives already, at times it’s unbelievable” said Alice Casson. “We love to support the immediate needs of a child. But, we also want to be a haven of hope in our community every single day. Several of the kids in our neighborhood have never had a safe place to learn and play. That’s why we value the partnerships we have with companies like iSoftStone and the MAC foundation. Without their help these programs wouldn’t be possible”.

Youth soccer participants and adult volunteers

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