iSoftStone recognized for innovative efforts in smart city planning

iSoftStone recognized for innovative efforts in smart city planning

iSoftStone receives smart city award for “Leading Solutions Provider”

iSoftStone received the award for “Leading Smart City Solutions Provider” at the 2nd Annual China Smarter Cities International Exhibition. The award recognizes iSoftStone’s innovative efforts in smart city planning by providing cloud-based services for big data insights in urban populations. In addition, the award also recognized iSoftStone’s pioneering achievements in building custom smart city solutions across the country. This smart city award is one of several awards iSoftStone has received recognition for in 2016.

2nd Annual China Smarter Cities International Exhibition

The event was held on July 29th-31st, 2016 in China’s capital of Beijing. It is the world’s largest Smart Cities conference bringing together more than 200 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors. Among those in attendance were Huawei, China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC), and Tencent. Additional attendees included Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC), Haier, Jiannyi Group, Mitsui Fodosan, and THALES from France.  Several representatives attended on behalf of iSoftStone including Executive VP Steve Kang, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer Scott Ye, Executive VP Walter Fang and Senior VP Ni Dun. The expo focused on numerous sectors including energy, municipal finance, public health, travel, emergency response, and international cooperation.

At iSoftStone’s booth, the team demoed the company’s innovative services including their smart city top design and CityFusion planning platform. Moreover, they exhibited the city cloud and big data perception service, which covers the entire process of smart city implementations from planning to construction and operation. Together with NDRC Center and Huawei, iSoftStone also featured some of their co-developed smart city solution offerings.

“Scientific planning, based on human needs helps build new areas that favor both livability and entrepreneurship,” said Steve Kang. “Moreover, to a large extent, it solves many of the bottlenecks that old cities and towns face today with growth in urbanization. iSoftStone’s achievements in cloud computing, big data and mobile internet are all aimed at delivering solutions that both improve livelihood and drive innovation. We are proud to accept this smart city award on behalf of all our teams who are continuing to lead the way in development and innovation.”

iSoftStone as a global leader in smart cities

As a global leader in digital city technologies, iSoftStone has developed smart city strategies for over 80 municipalities. Moreover, they have implemented more than 50 related digital transformation solutions. The organization provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions to governments, industries and enterprises. Additionally, it’s made significant contributions in various areas including urban management, industrial application, services for livelihood improvement and city innovation.

iSoftStone has developed strategic partnerships with a number of enterprises and top universities both in the United States and abroad. Furthermore, it depends on collaboration with government entities at various levels.

“The beautiful vision behind smart city development is not possible without inter-disciplinary cooperation between governments, enterprises, financial institutions, research institutes and industrial alliances,” said Ni Dun. “iSoftStone is looking forward to leveraging its leading technology advantages to help expedite construction of the smart city ecosystem, while facilitating long-term innovations.”

iSoftStone awarded title of "Leading Smart City Provider in China."
iSoftStone awarded title of “Leading Smart City Provider” at Smart Cities Expo.