Luke Farinella, developing his own game

Luke Farinella, developing his own game

“Passion Project” has special meaning for Luke

After going through a health scare, Luke wanted to make sure his children remembered him for the things he loves when that fateful day finally comes. It’s not just about making something cool. It’s about his love for his family and the legacy he wants to leave. In the past few months, he has launched a modest, but successful Kickstarter Campaign, put together a crack team of likeminded, part time developers, and started work on his first commercial game titled The Pauldron.

A 3-D map of a part of the Pauldron game

Pixel Perfect

The Pauldron features a retro look and feel that many indie game developers opt for. For many, using pixel art is out of a necessity to keep things simple, but for Luke it goes a bit deeper than that. He loves to remind players about those days when he and his brothers would pass around a square controller until their thumbs became too sore to play anymore. He also believes that perfectly presented pixel art, as a design choice, can be just as beautiful and clean as professionally polished, polygons. With the barriers to entry becoming few and far between for aspiring game developers, it seems a great time to start for this particular pixel pusher.

Luke and his friend wearing costumes at PAX

“I don’t know what I’m doing”

Luke has been refreshingly candid with his followers on Kickstarter during his development journey. Whether it’s his crazy indie game marketing plans, (going to PAX 2015 dressed as a video game booth) referencing challenges in managing a multicultural team, (”I still don’t know how to pronounce my artist’s name”) or just the way he talks about failure in the gaming industry (”not the opposite of success, but a necessary ingredient”) we love hearing about his journey. He will be speaking at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment about his experience breaking into the scene on March 9th.