iSoftStone CEO Receives China Smart Cities Award

iSoftStone CEO Receives China Smart Cities Award

2017 Annual Meeting of China’s Enterprise Service Insight

On January 6, 2017, iSoftStone attended the “2017 Annual Meeting of China’s Enterprise Service Insight.” Hosted by and hapiweb in Beijing, this event brought together top IT elites of the enterprise service sector. Backed by a strong track record of innovation and industry breakthroughs in smart cities iSoftStone was invited to attend this prestigious event. In addition, iSoftStone Chairman and CEO TW Liu was named “Enterprise Person of the Year 2016 for China Smart Cities.”

TW Liu named "Enterprise Person of the Year 2016" for China smart cities sector.
TW Liu named “Enterprise Person of the Year 2016” for China smart cities sector.

iSoftStone CEO and Chairman recognized as China’s “Smart Cities Enterprise Person of the Year”

Under the leadership of TW Liu, iSoftStone has developed an array of comprehensive business capabilities. These include IT services, consulting services and targeted industry solutions. Additionally, iSoftStone has focused efforts on cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

As a dedicated leader of China’s smart city development, iSoftStone has successfully completed 80+ smart city implementations across Asia. iSoftStone’s smart city offerings include city planning, construction and operations. Overall, iSoftStone provides a one-stop shop, offering services oriented to supporting government and industry while improving people’s livelihood.

T.W. Liu has received several awards for his innovative leadership including “Person of the Year” for his contributions in outsourcing. Liu also received the “Top Leader of the Decade” award in China’s IT services industry. Additional awards include “Leader of the Year” in China’s software and information services industry and “Award for Outstanding Contribution in Cloud Computing.” Furthermore, he was among the first to bring digital transformation to China, making huge advancements in business management and technology. Similarly, he also made a significant impact on the development of smart cities initiatives across China. As a result of the success he has contributed to across China he has embarked on smart city expansions into other global markets. Liu recently helped launch iSoftStone’s North America Smart Cities practice, headed by Greta Knappenbberger. Overall, Liu is optimistic that iSoftStone’s work will make a positive and lasting impact across the globe.

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