iSoftStone Announces Collaboration with Microsoft CityNext to Bring Innovation to Cities Worldwide

iSoftStone Announces Collaboration with Microsoft CityNext to Bring Innovation to Cities Worldwide

iSoftStone North America today announced its participation in Microsoft CityNext, an international initiative empowering cities, businesses and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities. Through the Microsoft CityNext initiative, iSoftStone and Microsoft combine the power of technology with innovative ideas that connect governments, businesses and citizens with city services that help increase efficiency, reduce cost, foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate communities where people thrive.

iSoftStone is a global information technology services and solutions provider offering end-to-end solutions for cities and enterprises to help improve processes and systems that enable a better quality of life. Since launching their first pilot program in 2009, the iSoftStone team has grown to 7,000+ dedicated smart city resources and now offers 60+ smart city and IoT solutions. To date, iSoftStone has consulted for over 140 cities globally, deploying solutions across more than 80 cities and implementing over 330 different smart city projects. In North America, iSoftStone is an emerging leader in the development and integration of state-of-the-art technology solutions focused on transportation and urban planning. Most recently, iSoftStone launched a Corridor Analysis Tool that enables dynamic traffic analysis in real time leveraging modern visualizations and technologies. The tool helps transportation planners identify problems, monitor performance and make informed planning decisions in support of the constantly changing requirements faced by modern cities.

“Our collaboration with Microsoft CityNext allows us to deliver a broader range of tailored services and solutions to our clients,” said Senior Vice President Brian Anderson. “As leaders in digital transformation, we are confident that our Corridor Analysis Tool and our industry expertise in smart cities, business intelligence and IoT will help bridge the gap between public sector understanding and private sector innovation. We look forward to partnering with Microsoft to help better engage citizens, empower employees, optimize operations and accelerate innovation.”

Today, two percent of the earth’s land surface is occupied by cities, yet there are more than 500 cities with at least one million inhabitants. As more of the world’s population urbanizes, cities face mounting pressures and challenges to maintain high standards and quality of life for citizens. By 2025, the UN forecasts as much as 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. That’s six billion people, almost doubling the current 3.6 billion urban residents. Microsoft CityNext is a collective effort to help cities anticipate and plan for these changes and challenges, enabling them to meet the needs of their residents today and in the future leveraging a broad portfolio of software, partner solutions, devices and services.

“At iSoftStone, we understand the impact cities will have globally,” said iSoftStone North America Executive Vice President John Peng. “That’s why we are partnering with Microsoft CityNext and other leaders in the smart city, business intelligence and IoT space to create solutions and platforms that will make a safe and sustainable impact. We know that Microsoft prioritizes a people first approach, and iSoftStone is no different. We look forward to driving innovative technology solutions and services that transform operations and create opportunities for cities to realize their full potential.”

About iSoftStone North America

iSoftStone North America is a global technology solutions provider partnering with its clients to create innovative solutions that improve business performance and provide a sustainable, competitive advantage. Backed by proven processes, innovation and a strong track record with companies that range from emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies, iSoftStone North America navigates clients through today’s challenges while helping them build for the future. With offices in over 56 cities and over 40,000 employees, iSoftStone understands what it takes to deliver success on a global scale. For more information on iSoftStone North America, visit

About Microsoft CityNext

Microsoft CityNext is a global people-first initiative harnessing all the ideas, energy and expertise of a city’s people to create modern, healthy, safe, well-educated and sustainable cities for the future. Microsoft CityNext empowers cities to do new with less, by building on existing infrastructure and investments to digitally transform cities’ systems, services and operations; engage citizens and businesses by delivering personalized services and apps that foster real-time dialogue; and accelerate innovation and opportunity through programs and partnerships that empower and nurture the next generation of skilled workers. Combining a vast network of global partners and Microsoft’s history of successful education, healthcare and social programs, Microsoft CityNext helps cities plan for and embrace the future.