iSoftStone and AnnieCannons Partner to Empower Women in STEM

iSoftStone and AnnieCannons Partner to Empower Women in STEM

Through software skills education, iSoftStone and AnnieCannons team up to empower women in technology

Human trafficking survivors face an uphill battle rebuilding their lives; they often receive little skills training and no career training that can help them get back on their feet and support themselves. Most were trafficked before completing school and some have arrest records (by no fault of their own). And, contrary to what the media portrays, most victims are not from foreign countries. Instead, they are trafficked domestically within a short distance from where they grew up, by members of their own community – people they trust. These survivors suffer unique discrimination in many cases as ex-sex workers. As a result, they face a myriad of challenges reintegrating into the workforce. Without career options, many return to traffickers or exploitation to support themselves.

AnnieCannons mission and objective

AnnieCannons soul mission and purpose is to break the cycle of exploitation and trafficking. They stand for the proposition that regardless of gender, race or previous condition of servitude, all deserve the opportunity to succeed. A San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), AnnieCannons provides these survivors with lucrative tech industry skill training – from digital literacy and data entry to testing and both front- and back-end software development – in order to help them earn economic power to rebuild their lives.

AnnieCannons trains their students in a digital literacy curriculum that prepares them for a modern workplace. Students practice and prepare for client work by building technology they design to support and improve the circumstances of their communities and to pump economic power into less privileged communities. Moreover, AnnieCannons works to find them client projects, employ them as teachers for future classes and supports them as they pursue the  technology careers they imagine for themselves.

Building an ecosystem to support, revitalize and educate victims of human trafficking

The community of technology partners is crucial to AnnieCannons’ success, and iSoftStone is a prime example of this essential support. The quality assurance and testing curriculum each AnnieCannons student receives comes from a donated license from iSoftStone. Additionally, iSoftStone and AnnieCannons will soon launch a joint service offering. AnnieCannons students will apply the skills they’ve learned to work directly with iSoftStone’s talented teams to build client solutions.

Together with iSoftStone and other technology partners, AnnieCannons is building an ecosystem to support, revitalize, and empower human trafficking survivors. Through full-stack software skills education, they’re empowering victims to succeed in today’s technology industry. Their goal is to help their students achieve true economic independence. Above all, their goal is to end the cycle of exploitation and human trafficking around the world.

Visit AnnieCannons to learn more, or make a donation to AnnieCannons to support our mission.