Case Studies

iSoftStone Helps Enprecis Grow Their OEM System

iSoftStone Helps Enprecis Grow Their OEM System

The ability to leverage technology to quickly survey and report on customer feedback is a key advantage for Enprecis over its competitors.

Because OEMs use the information to drive vehicle quality improvements and to understand market trends, Enprecis wanted to be able to grow their system and have it respond more quickly.

Not Just A Solution

iSoftStone provided an upgraded end-to-end solution to support Enprecis’ growing global presence. A RapidStart Solution Accelerator facilitated the integration of various customer data marts. A support team was formed to provide routine sprint feature development as well as daily business and QA support.

Happy Customers | Happy Client

Data consumers are happy  with the improvement of the data quality and system stability thanks to iSoftStone’s involvement. iSoftStone and the customer are working together to deliver more items in each sprint and are executing these changes with a scrum process.