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iSoftStone Builds the Next Generation Security Portal

iSoftStone Builds the Next Generation Security Portal

How iSoftStone revamped the security portal for a Washington based technology giant to create a more intuitive customer experience

This global software and technology company was looking for a dedicated business partner to help manage the development of their new security portal. This partner would help improve scalability and throughput by setting the foundation for globalization of the portal, A/B testing and BI tag development, allowing for deeper business insights. With a proven track record of solving complex business problems for Fortune 500 companies, this client selected iSoftStone to implement the portal.

Building a secure platform with the future in mind

iSoftStone’s core team worked together with the client stakeholders to understand the limitations of the current system and build a vision scope statement for the new security portal. It was clear that the focus of the first phase of the project was to revamp the file submission experience by building a unified platform for partners and security operations. The benefits of the new security portal include:

  1. A greater self-guided user experience for submission, discovery and search of related content articles
  2. A deeper and broader submission response view including details on the user’s malware submission
  3. Regular submission status updates via email communications
  4. Better telemetry on file submissions and general user activity
  5. Enhanced browsing experience for users on desktop and mobile devices

Providing an end-to-end platform for rapid time-to-market

iSoftStone’s team of user experience designers, architects and technical project managers took charge of building the new user interface experience. With a release timeline of just five months the team executed the planning, design, build, release and production.

User experience flows were built with a focus on responsive design. The project management team coordinated with all stakeholders and cross-functional team members by disseminating a detailed project plan and go-to-market strategy.

The new user interface experience had several requirements, including:

  • A single sign on with unified support for external and internal users
  • Full compliance with client Accessibility Standards and WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • A responsive user interface in line with the clients predefined web framework
  • Integration with other service apps to discover customer entitlements
  • Guaranteed > 99.99 percent availability
  • Durability of data that is resilient to failures
  • Low-latency response time at high load
  • Global scalability to handle submission requests from different regions
  • Connectivity capabilities into the submission API developed by the client’s engineering team
  • BI tagging to drive insights

The iSoftStone team chose to leverage the Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering to build a web app service to consume the backbone submission service API built on Azure. Building on Azure eased lifecycle management by simplifying continuous integration and development practices through microservices and deep integration with Visual Studio. The development team also introduced BI tagging into the file submission process using JSL tags. This would allow for proprietary metrics such as page views and basic user tracking. The first iteration of the new security portal launched in June, 2017 with much success and user satisfaction.

Teaming up to tackle new challenges FY18

Our team of subject matter experts in project, program and release management, web development, web optimization and platform development will continue to work with this client to oversee successful initiatives into FY18. Our team will be tackling some new exciting projects including:

  • Developing new features and enhancements to the file submission workflow
  • Creating custom BI tagging to help generate deeper and broader analytical patter
  • Driving globalization and location of the submission app service