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iSoftStone Enhances The Digital Communication Experience

iSoftStone Enhances The Digital Communication Experience

Reinventing the digital communication experience

A global unified communications company was looking for a way to reinvent their digital communication experience. Their goal was to create increasingly richer products and services across all devices at a faster cadence. Additionally, they wanted to enhance the experience for different locations including home, work and other high interest areas. In total, this client needed to revamp the digital communication experience for clients in over 100 markets.

iSoftStone outsourced delivery center

These dynamics presented an enormous challenge and opportunity for iSoftStone’s internationalization team. The team had the task of not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations in over 100 global markets. Moreover, careful consideration to a variety of factors was required to ensure all necessary international standards and compliance criteria for the targeted markets were met.

iSoftStone built a dedicated outsourced delivery center (ODC) to take  complete ownership of the global localization. From production to stakeholder engagement to final international release sign-off, the iSoftStone team led the client through the entire digital communication experience enhancement. iSoftStone oversaw strategic investments in test automation, tooling development, system engineering support, mobile devices, and data infrastructure. As a result, iSoftSTone helped completely transform the production operations, allowing this client to make better decisions based on real-time data.  iSoftStone’s RapidStart Reporting & Analytics team powered the entire implementation using their cutting-edge business intelligence solution accelerator.

Delivering Results

Ultimately, iSoftStone’s work enabled rapid growth of the client’s portfolio. Within one year the team’s ability to deliver resulted in the development of over 40 applications in international markets. At the same time, the team was able to greatly decrease overall costs. In that same year iSoftStone supported simultaneous product roll-outs in over 170 countries for 300 million users globally.  iSoftStone’s efforts to improve efficiency enhanced the release cadence from quarterly to every three weeks for various applications. Finally, iSoftStone’s autonomous, end-to-end production operations increased business owner bandwidths, allowing them to focus on other, higher priority business needs.