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Consulting Services Technology Case Study: Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing

Consulting Services Technology Case Study: Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing

The Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing team needed a solution to help drive the planning and execution of disclosure communications and activities for releases that are scheduled on the product/service roadmap.

With an outdated tool that only captured engineering milestones, managing release and disclosure activity manually across several teams in different files resulted in extra time and effort to consolidate and schedule important information to customers. A system was needed to provide an integrated view of the marketing readiness on their disclosure schedule, but their existing tool did not support their growing business requirements.

Building A Digital Roadmap

Through a strategic partnership with Microsoft’s Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing Team, iSoftStone provided a Roadmap and Disclosure solution to address shortcomings around the process of delivering product and service release and update information. The Roadmap and Disclosure Tool provides a simple user experience allowing for clean execution of disclosure communication and activities. Intuitive navigation provides an easier content output workflow for compiling disclosure marketing materials to customers. The solution helps users track their disclosure tasks through auto-generated notifications. Behind-the-scene architecture stores structured data for analytic precision and integrates with Excel for easy reporting across teams and to executive leadership.

Days To Hours | Hours To Minutes

Overall, the solution delivers time savings to the product managers. A task that once took days—generating content—can now be completed in a few hours. The incidence of error has also decreased as structuring data in the cloud architecture means information delivered downstream is more transparent. The disclosure calendar, formally updated manually, is now refreshed via PowerPivot. The inclusion of all significant dates in a product’s lifecycle allows the managers to distribute reports detailing the product’s disclosure dates.