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Consulting Services Smart City Case Study: Xiangyang City Logistics

Consulting Services Smart City Case Study: Xiangyang City Logistics

Xiangyang City sought solutions that could provide standardized, reliable, and cost-effective logistic management services for freight agents and transportation companies.

Real Time—Anytime

Xiangyang City partnered with iSoftStone to develop solutions to track all aspects of logistics management, including the status of assets, vehicles, and freights. Xiangyang City’s objective was to have the information available in real-time, anytime, anywhere.  Having understood the specific needs and the factors that governed effective transportation and logistics, iSoftStone developed an information portal in the public cloud.  The solution featured Android tablets and allowed the user to view and manage real-time tracking and logistics information.

No More Empty Trucks

Using the iSoftStone portal, Xiangyang’s logistics teams are able to better manage logistics and freight.  The portal provides immediate visibility to asset, freight status, and possible risks.  Logistics teams can now  quickly respond to problems or changing customer requirements.  The net result is improved on-time delivery with real time information on estimated arrival times, load locations, and status.  Logistics service quality has improved, and by reducing the ‘empty-loading’ rate, efficiency has improved dramatically.