Case Studies

Communications Industry Case Study: IT Support Services Catalog Redesign

Communications Industry Case Study: IT Support Services Catalog Redesign

A global online travel company wanted to redesign their IT Support Services Catalog, which offered approximately 430 technical and business services to their internal customers.

The existing tool was difficult to navigate, and therefore, not adopted by users. The goal of the reconstruction effort was to improve the interface, both visually and functionally.

Improving Workflows to Serve Internal Customers

iSoftStone facilitated user focus groups to define new workflows and processes for an experience that customers could easily understand when procuring internal business and technical services. iSoftStone took a mobile-first approach, tailoring the content for each form factor. Search was made a primary feature in the header, making tasks discoverable to the user. Services were organized with iconography that aligned with the company’s brand, providing users the ability to submit a request through a shopping cart interaction paradigm.

Reducing Help Requests By Providing Better Service Up-front

With new features, such as bundling services for new hires and an “on-line” shopping flow, the client expected to reduce “request-to-desk” time by over 30%, while still providing internal resources the experience they demanded and deserved.