Case Studies

Communications Industry Case Study: SDK Library Upgrades

Communications Industry Case Study: SDK Library Upgrades

An American multinational telecommunications corporation sought to upgrade its working SDK library to improve marketability, functionality, and quality.

The goal of the project was to decouple the existing Sencha Touch product from the SDK, and make it generic to the entire suite of market products available to developers.

Agile Business Model Deployed

iSoftStone consultants were brought in to design the new architecture, create and update the automated testing solution, and manage the project from inception to completion. iSoftStone implemented an Agile business model to collect, groom, and solution project requirements.  Software development engineers evaluated and optimized the SDK architecture.  iSoftStone utilized expertise in PHP, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby languages as well as proficient Agile process management, to realize the project deliverables. Software test engineers built an automated test suite for use by developers and the company’s internal teams for UI (Selenium) and unit tests. Finally, they created new, dynamic sample applications and improved existing ones to fully demonstrate the new and improved SDK functionality.

A More Efficient Testing Solution

Where other companies were unable to, iSoftStone quickly pulled together a qualified team with a diverse skill set to satisfy the wide range of project demands. iSoftStone engineers provided innovative solutions to project challenges and exceeded expectations by creating and improving multifaceted sample applications to demonstrate the upgraded functionality. iSoftStone’s solution allowed the company to increase its customer base by giving developers the ability to utilize multiple software solutions across the entire SDK suite.  Additionally, the development of fully automated and unit test suites provided both the client and the developer communities a more efficient testing solution.