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Communications Industry Case Study: Aceyus Mobile Application

Communications Industry Case Study: Aceyus Mobile Application

With their largest client becoming more and more dependent on working from smart phones and  tablets, Aceyus needed a mobile application in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

A Helping Hand in Putting Data in Their Client’s Hand

Aceyus is a web-based real-time data monitoring product designed to query data from a specialized data warehouse. The company had the capability, but lacked the resources to create the mobile app within their client’s timeline. Therefore, Aceyus partnered with iSoftStone to develop this product. With an aggressive target completion date set, iSoftStone was able to quickly staff and launch the project team with iSoftStone resources in IT Project Management, User Experience & Creative Design, Client (iOS) Development, and API Design and Testing.

Call Center Performance Transformed

iSoftStone built an iPad mobile solution that gave managers access to real-time call center data.  Managers can now view and respond to real-time data without being tied to their desks, allowing them to spend time on the floor with their employees while quickly responding to issues impacting call center performance. This solution has helped deliver the best support metrics in company history.