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Customer Service Center iOS Application Case Study

Customer Service Center iOS Application Case Study

One of the world’s leading entertainment companies was looking for ways to help their customer service centers work more effectively and improve customer satisfaction.

Pushing the iOS Platform To New Limits To Create An Innovative Solution

Through an innovative use of mobile technology, iSoftStone built a native iPad app that connected to the various data systems used in the customer support center.  This app allows supervisors to track in real-time call and employee activity and react quickly to support center impacting issues.  By having this ability on a mobile device, supervisors are freed from their desks to spend more time helping the employees on their team and focusing on providing a great customer service experience.

Happier Customers And improved Employee Performance

Customer satisfaction metrics improved, while supervisors in the customer support centers could get away from their desks and still have the confidence of staying on top of events impacting their teams.