Case Studies

iSoftStone Supports Global Student Technology Competition

iSoftStone Supports Global Student Technology Competition

The website of a global technology competition for students needed a ‘refresh’ to better manage the content and to leverage the information shared by the students, which included allowing students to submit their ideas and track their progress.

Scale Up | Scale Down On Peaks And Troughs

In the months leading up to the yearly awards, the competition website is used frequently by students to submit and update their entries. After the awards, use of the site diminishes until the awards cycle begins again. The team created a scalable design/architecture to keep the site up and running while lots of students were coming into the site. Utilizing Azure’s scalable platform, capacity was increased during peak usage so the site would not slow down. The site also used information shared by students to make the site more responsive to the students’ actual needs.

A Platform That Can Scale Across Multiple Sites Built For The Academic Space

The immediate impact is the ability to recognize students who are promoting the sponsor’s products and give them additional resources to become bigger heroes within their technical community. The platform is built to support websites, but also is built to provide and API for other devices in the future.